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28 February 2010

The Raelettes, Singles And Albums

The group was promoted with their name spelled in different ways: The Raelettes, The Raeletts, The Raelets. Misspellings like "Raylettes" also frequently occur. On this blog, I have consistently chosen to go for the Raelettes spelling. For documented Raelettes line-ups through the years, see below and the Band Page.
In the listings below I have 'normalized' the spelling of a few titles.


Ad in Cashox.
  • One Hurt Deserves Another (Single (A): Tangerine 972 - 1966)*
  • One Room Paradise (Single (B): Tangerine 972 - 1966)
  • Into Something Fine (Single (A): Tangerine 976 - 1967)
  • Lover's Blues (Single (B): Tangerine 976 - 1967)
  • All I Need Is His Love (Single (A): Tangerine 984 - 1968)
  • I'm Gettin' 'Long All Right (Single (B): Tangerine 984 - 1968)
  • I Want To Thank You (Single (A): Tangerine 986 - 1968)
  • It's Almost Here (Single (B): Tangerine 986 - 1968)
  • I Want To (Do Everything For You) (Single (A): Tangerine 1006 - 1970)
  • Keep It To Yourself (Single (B): Tangerine 1006 - 1970)
  • Bad Water (Single (A): Tangerine 1014 - 1970)
  • That Goes To Show You (Single (B): Tangerine 1014 - 1970)**
  • Here I Go Again (Single (A): Tangerine 1017 - 1971)
  • Leave My Man Alone (Single (B): Tangerine 1017 - 1971)
  • Come Get It, I Got It (Single (A): Tangerine 1024 - 197?)
  • Try A Little Kindness (Single (B): Tangerine 1024 - 197?)**
  • You Must Be Doing Alright (Single (A): Tangerine 1029 - 197?)
  • You Have A Way With Me (Single (B): Tangerine 1029 - 197?)
  • If You Wanna Keep Him (Single (A): Tangerine 1031 - 1973)
  • Many Rivers To Cross (Single (B): ABC 1015 - 1971-03 [flipside is Booty Butt by the Ray Charles Orchestra] 
*Ray Charles - organ. **Ray Charles - keyboards.

Billboard scores
  • One Hurt Deserves Another (#76 Pop; #24 R&B)) 
  • I Want To (Do Everything For You) (#96 Pop; #39 R&B) 
  • Bad Water (#58 Pop; #40 R&B) 
  • I'm Gettin' 'Long Alright (#23 R&B) 
  • I Want To Thank You (#47 R&B)
1971* - Album: Souled Out; The Ike & Turner Revue With The Raelettes 
The Raelettes also toured with the Ike & Tina Turner Revue in 1970 and 1971. Tangerine released an odd album featuring both acts, both doing their own things: Souled Out, in 1971 (TRCS-1511). Ray played keyboards on all the Raelettes' tunes.
 *See Anonymous' comments, at the bottom of this article.
  1. I Want To Thank You
  2. It's Almost Here
  3. All I Need Is Love
  4. I Get Along All Right
  5. One Room Paradise
  6. Into Something Fine
  7. A Lover's Blues
  8. One Hurt Deserves Another 
Ike & Tina Turner contributed Anything You Wasn’t Born With, I’m Hooked. Beauty Is Just Skin Deep and Dust My Broom.

1972 - Album: (Ray Charles Presents The) Raelett[e]s, Yesterday... Today... Tomorrow
The individual Raelettes recording this album ( Tangerine TRCS 1515, 1972) weren't even named in the liner notes (which do claim that "The name of the Raeletts is an exclusive property of Ray Charles Enterprises, Inc."), but I'm quite sure that it's the quintet consisting of Vernita Moss, Susaye Green, Mable John, Dorothy Berry and Estella Yarbrough.
The songs were arranged by Ray Charles, Ray Jackson, Roger Newmann and Sid Feller. The engineering was done by Ray and David Braithwaite.
Ray Charles is present on every track, on keyboards, and sometimes singing or humming.
In an interview from July 2004 Mable John remembered: "At the end of 1970, we went to Mexico City and we were booked by ourselves. It was supposed to be for two weeks but they kept us for eleven. We packed the room every night and Ray flew down to see us. He caught our show, he wanted to see how we were doing. The following year, he booked us in Japan during our off season and he had every girl in the group learn at least two songs they could lead;. When we came back, he said, 'I want to do an album on you', and that's when we did the one Raelet[te]s' album, Yesterday, Today and Forever [sic!]. We all sang and Ray always pushed everyone on. If you hit a wrong note, he would play it on stage so you got it right. I loved talking back to him on stage on songs because that helped make the show spicy. And Ray was great with me: he never contradicted anything I said to the group and his attitude was, 'I gave you the position of leader, I won’t go behind you' and he lived by that standard, even after I left the group..."
  1. You Must Be Doing Alright**
  2. Bad Water*
  3. Come Get It I Got It*
  4. You Have A Way With Me*
  5. Love Train
  6. I Want To (Do Everything For You)*
  7. Leave My Man Alone*
  8. After Loving You
  9. Keep It To Yourself*
  10. Here I Go Again*
* Keyboards - Ray Charles. **Lead singer Mable John, Ray sings a brief solo.

1993 - Compilation album: The Raelettes; Hits And Rarities
This compilation missed the songs I Want To Thank You and It’s Almost Here. They added a few tracks that were indepedently recorded by Margie Hendricx. Compilation: Titanic Records TR-CD 4422, 1993.
  1. You Must Be Doing Alright
  2. Bad Water
  3. Come Get It I Got It
  4. You Have a Way With Me
  5. Love Train
  6. I Want To (Do Everything For You)
  7. Leave My Man Alone
  8. After Loving You
  9. Keep It To Yourself
  10. Here I Go Again
  11. That Goes To Show You
  12. Let No One Hold You**
  13. A Lover's Blues**
  14. I'm Gettin' Long Alright
  15. All I Need Is Love
  16. One Hurt Deserves Another
  17. One Room Paradise
  18. Into Something Fine
  19. It's Alright A Lover's Blues****
  20. Try a Little Kindness
  21. Many Rivers To Cross
  22. I You Want To Keep Him
  23. I Found My Love***
  24. Now the Hurt's On You***
  25. My Baby*
  26. Restless***
*Ray Charles sings; cf. this. **From Margie Hendrix' Tangerine singles. ***From Margie Hendrix' Mercury singles (TRC 940). ****Mis-titled on the album.

One Hurt Deserves Another:

One Room Paradise:

All I Need Is His Love:

I'm Gettin' 'Long All Right:

It's Almost Here:

I Want To (Do Everything For You):

Keep It To Yourself:

Bad Water:

Here I Go Again:

Leave My Man Alone:

Come Get It, I Got it:

You Must Be Doing Alright:

You Have A Way With Me:

It's Almost Here:

A Lover's Blues:

Love Train:

After Loving You:

I Want To (Do Everything For You):

Keep It To Yourself:


Documented line-up 30 November 1955 Margie Hendricks, Dorothy Jones, Darlene McCrea.


The Cookies, recording one of their own records, c. 1956.

From Billboard, Feb. 11, 1956.
Documented line-up 16 May 1956 Margie Hendricks, Dorothy Jones, Darlene McCrea.

Documented line-up 27 November 1956 Mary Ann Fisher (ft), Margie Hendricks,
Dorothy Jones, Darlene McCrea.


 Publicity photo of Mary Ann Fisher, issued by Shaw Artists (probably from 1957).

The Cookies after Margie Hendricks left. From left to right: Beulah Robertson, Ethel Darlene McCrea, Dorothy Jones, c.  1957.


9 - 1 dance gig, advertised with The Cookies, at April Showers Ball, Southside Armory, Indianapolis.

Photo by Lee Friedlander, dated in 1956, but probably (watch the microphone!) taken - while Margie Hendricks took a solo elsewhere on stage - at this Newport concert: Pat Lyles, Mary Ann Fisher, Gwen Berry.
Documented line-up 5 July 1958 Mary Ann Fisher (ft), Margie Hendricks, Pat Lyles, Gwen Berry.


Unidentified location, c. 1959.

Maceo's, Nashville, c. 1959.
Mambo Club, Wichita, 9 May 1959.

Documented line-up 29 May 1959 Margie Hendricks, Pat Lyles, Darlene McCrea.


Souvenir brochure of the Hitmakers of 1960 tour.  

Documented line-up 2 July 1960 Gwen Berry, Margie Hendricks, Mae Mosely,
Betty Smith.
Pacific Ballroom, San Diego, 21 August 1960.  


The Raelettes, c. 1961. Clockwise from left: Pat Lyles, Gwen Berry, Margie Hendricks. (Collection Joël Dufour).

The Raelettes, c. 1961. Top to bottom: Pat Lyles, Gwen Berry, Margie Hendricks. (Collection Joël Dufour).

Documented line-up 17 - 23 July, late summer, 20 or 22 October 1961 Gwen Berry, Margie Hendricks, Pat Lyles, Darlene McCrea.

The Raelettes, c. 1961. From left to right: Margie Hendricks, Pat Lyles, Gwen Berry, Darlene McCrea. (Collection Joël Dufour).

The Raelettes, from the same shoot. From left to right: Pat Lyles, Margie Hendricks, Gwen Berry, Darlene McCrea.  (Collection Joël Dufour).

The Raelettes in Antibes, July 1961.

Antibes 1961 (from 1962 concert souvenir brochure).

Newspaper announcing concert at Hollywood Palladium in August. 

From Jazz Hot, Dec. 1961. Marcus Belgrave stepping forward for a trumpet solo.
A file that I received from J.P. Verger, though, was made even more enjoyable by inclusion of a ZIP with a series of scans from unique photos of the 1961 big band, taken from contemporary magazine articles in Jazz Magazine and Jazz Hot, covering the October concerts. Photos of individual members of Ray's band are extremely rare, but these series even include a number of excellent close-ups (see top of this article; click to enlarge). The photographer of most or all of these pics was J.P. Leloir.

Here come the most interesting remaining pics:
Sax section woth David Newman, Rudy Powell, Don Wilkerson, Leroy Cooper.
Ray at his B3.

The Raelettes at Paris concert in October; from right to left: Pat Lyles, Gwen Berry, Margie Hendricks, Darlene McCrea (collection J.P. Verger).

The Raelettes in Paris; from left to right: Pat Lyles, Gwen Berry, Margie Hendricks, Darlene McCrea (collection J.P. Verger).

Pat Lyles, Gwen Berry, Margie Hendricks, Darlene McCrea (collection J.P. Verger).

Stills from the film  Swingin' Along, released in December 1961. 


From Philadelphia Tribune archives, earliest date on backside 21 April, 1962.

Photo by Jim Marshall, New York, 1962.

Photo by William Claxton, 1962.  

April 1962: newspaper announcing concert at Donnelly Memorial Theatre, Boston.

Concert series at L'Olympia Theater in Paris, in May. The Raelettes: Gwen Berry, Margie Hendricks, Pat Lyles, Darlene MacRae.
 Documented line-up 17 - 22 May 1962 Gwen Berry, Margie Hendricks, Pat Lyles, Darlene McCrea.

10 June 1962: landed at Arlanda Airport (coming from France), for two gigs at Gröna Lund Amusements Park, Stockholm.

From Oakland Tribune, 22 Dec.


Documented line-up 9 - 11, 22 May 1963 Margie Hendricks, Gwen Berry, Pat Lyles, Darlene McCrea.

From 1963 UK souvenir brochure; photo probably shot in U.S.

At Orly Airport, with Raelettes, and Sonny Forriest. 

Photos by James J. Kringmann of The Raelettes, from a UK souvenir brochure. Margie missed a concert at the London Hammersmith Odeon, in May. Quotes from New Musical Express: "Raelets leader Margie Hendrix missed Charles' concert at Hammersmith on Tuesday through illness but was able to rejoin the show the following night". "That wasn't the real Ray Charles," said Ray Charles. "With Maggie ill, no one could sing her part. So I had to leave out a lot of the wilder things..."

Concert in New Orleans, at Louisiana’s Loyola University auditorium in 1963, the first show in New Orleans to allow racially mixed seating. "No incidents reported, everyone had a lovely time, and [...] paid to see Ray instead of staying away in protest of integration. Another triumph for music." 

 At Saskatoon Arena, Saskatchewan. Read review here.

Photo probably shot at Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, in late December.
Documented line-up 21 - 22 September 1963 Gwen Berry, Margie Hendricks,
Darlene McCrea, Patricia Richards.


Publicity photo of The Raelettes, c. 1964. Clockwise from top: Darlene McCrea, Pat Lyles, Gwen Berry, Margie Hendricks. (Collection Joël Dufour).
Documented line-up Late June, early July 1964 Pat Lyles, Margie Hendricks, Gwen Berry, Darlene McCrea.

Stills from the film Ballad in Blue (shot in June/July in Dublin, London and Paris). The marquee of the Olympia Theatre has a fictional announcement of a concert on August 5.

Clipping from a 1964 newspaper. F.l.t.r. Gwen Berry, Lillie Fort, Bobbie Pierce, Helen Bryant.

Documented line-up 20 September 1964 Gwen Berry, Helen Bryant, Lillie Fort, Bobbie Pierce.

Documented line-up 29 - 30 November 1964 Lillie Fort, Gwen Berry, Fritz Basket, Marilyn McCoo.


Ad from Miami Times, Aug. 13. The Raelettes, "formerly with Ray Charles", at Mr. James Club, Miami.


Recording at RPM in Los Angeles. Photo by Bill Ray.

10 June 1966, Soundblast '66 at Yankee Stadium.

Gig at women's prison; read here. F.l.t.r. Ray Charles, Gwen Berry, Merry Clayton and Clydie King.
Documented line-up 15 October 1966 Gwen Berry, Merry Clayton, Clydie King, Alexandra Brown.

Hollywood Palace TV show, Los Angeles, on Oct. 8. See this. Photo by Joe Adams.
The Raelettes in concert, somewhere in the UK. Licensed by Corbis, who date this pic in 1965.

Rare publicity photo of The Raelettes. Clockwise, from top: Merry Clatton, Clydie King, Gwen Berry, Lilian Fort.  

Publicity photo of the Raelettes. Clockwise, from top: Merry Clayton, Clydie King, Gwen Berry and Lilian Fort. Photo by John E. Reed, Hollywood); licensed by Corbis, who date this shoot in 1965.

Photo by Maurice Seymour (= Maurice & Seymour Zeldman). Clockwise: Ray Charles, Clydie King, Gwen Berry, Alex Brown, Merry Clayton.

Same photo, in an often seen cropped version, as licensed by Corbis

From left to right: Gwen Berry, Merry Clayton, Clydie King, Alex Brown. Photos by Maurice Seymour.

From left to right Alex Brown, Merry Clayton, Ray Charles, Gwen Berry. Photo by Maurice Seymour.

From a UK Magazine. From left to right: Alex Brown, Merry Clayton, Gwen Berry, Clydie King. Photo by Maurice Seymour.  

From a Dutch newespaper (1970).

Top to bottom: Clydie King, Merry Clayton, Alex Brown, Gwen Berry. Photo by Maurice Seymour.


Documented line-up 18, 26 April, 3 May 1967 Merry Clayton, Alexandra Brown, Clydie King, Gwen Berry.
From a UK concert souvenir brochure (Sep. 1969).
Both photos from a 1967/68 publicity shoot. Next to Ray: left Susaye Greene, right Mabel John.

Essendon Airport, near Melbourne, on Aug. 16.

Ad from Charleston Daily Mail, 29 Sep.

Unidentified concert, c 1967.


 On Andy Williams Show, in April.  

In Amsterdam.

Documented line-up 8 October 1968 Verlyn Flenaugh, Susaye Greene, Beverly Ann Lesure, Barbara Nell Terrault.

Ray Charles and The Raelettes, performing Eleanor Rigby at the Ed Sullivan Show on Dec. 8.


Susaye Greene (at shooting of German TV film in LA).

Copenhagen, October 5. The Raelettes, photo by Jan Persson.
Documented line-up October 1969 Mable John, Susaye Greene, Vernita Moss, Estella Yarbrough.


Concert c 1970, Japan?
Documented line-up 18 April 1970 Mable John, Susaye Greene, Vernita Moss, Estella Yarbrough.


Tangerine release of album Souled Out, by Raelettes + Ike & Tina Turner.

Line-up from Newport festival program (Jul. 2).

Documented line-up 2 July 1971 Mable John, Susaye Greene, Vernita Moss, Estella Yarbrough.

Documented line-up August, October 1971 Dorothy Berry, Susaye Greene, Mable John, Vernita Moss.

 Musikhalle, Hamburg, Sep. 2. 


  The Raelettes, backstage at a concert in Madrid, poss. in '72.

Carol Burnett Show, aired on Jan. 26.
Documented line-up April - December 1972 Dorothy Berry, Susaye Greene, Mable John, Vernita Moss, Estella Yarbrough.


Documented line-up 1, 8 July 1973 Vernita Moss, Susaye Greene, Mable John, Dorothy Berry, Estella Yarbrough.

Documented line-up 8 September 1973 Denise Jackson, Mable John, Vernita Moss, Madelyn Quebec.

Documented line-up 9 October 1973 Dorothy Berry, Denise Jackson, Mable John , Vernita Moss, Madelyn Quebec.


Music is the Message Festival at Fort Gordon, Jun. 20. 


At unidentified concert.

Documented line-up 13 May 1975 Linda ?Sims?, Dorothy Berry, Bernice Unknown, Estella Yarbrough.

Documented line-up November 1975 Susaye Greene Mable John, Vernita Moss, Estella Yarbrough.

At Cher Show, November.


Documented line-up 12 November 1977 Trudy Cohran, Dorothy Berry, Deborah Gleese, Linda Sims, Estella Yarbrough.


Documented line-up 16 July 1978 Chrylynn Cobb, Trudy Cohran, Dorothy Berry, Linda Sims, Estella Yarbrough.


Documented line-up 22 July, 9 August 1979 Trudy Cohran, Pat Peterson, Madelyn Quebec, Estella Yarbrough.


Avis Harrell, Trudy Cohran, Pat Peterson, Madelyn Quebec.
Nortsea Jazz Festival, The Hague, on Jul. 13. Photos: Hans Hendriks.

Documented line-up 23 October 1979 Madelyn Quebec, Estella Yarbrough, Trudy Cohran, Pat Peterson, Avis Harrell.


Documented line-up 13 July 1980 Estella Yarbrough, Pat Peterson, Madelyn Quebec, Trudy Cohran, Avis Harrell.

Ritz, New York, on Jul. 31.

In or around 1980.


Documented line-up 17 - 18 December 1982 Trudy Cohran, Elaine Woodard, Estella Yarbrough, Janice Mitchell, Ann Johnson.


July 4, at Théâtre St-Denis, Festival International De Jazz De Montréal.  
Documented line-up Early Summer, 14 July 1983 Trudy Cohran, Anne Johnson, Janice Mitchell, Elaine Woodard, Estella Yarbrough.


Documented line-up 18, 27 October, 1 November 1984 Trudy Cohran, Anne Johnson, Janice Mitchell, Elaine Woodard, Estella Yarbrough.

Flint Center, Cupertino, on Dec. 1. 


Documented line-up 10 July 1985 Trudy Cohran, Anne Johnson, Janice Mitchell, Elaine Woodard, Estella Yarbrough.


Documented line-up 1, 7 July 1986 Sharon Creighton, Estella Yarbrough, Gladys [Unknown], Elaine Woodard, Angie Workman.

Concert in Portland (the photo could also be from '87).


Documented line-up 19 July, 12 September 1987 Trudy Cohran, Sharon Creighton, Elaine Woodard, Angie Workman, Estella Yarbrough.

1st Izmir Festival at Ephesus Great Theatre (Jul. 7). 

 Ft. in Moonlighting (September). 


 Executive Inn, Paducah (Jun. 17)

 Montreal Jazz Festival, Place des Arts (Jun. 30). 
Documented line-up Fall, 5, 17 November, 8 December 1989 Anita Brooks, Estella Yarbrough, Trudy Cohran, Kathryn Collier, Angie Workman.


Documented line-up 19 - 26 July 1990 Trudy Cohran, Kay Nickerson, Lalomie Washburn, Angie Workman, Estella Yarbrough.

Documented line-up Fall, December 1990 Kay Nickerson, Trudy Cohran, Angela Workman, Estella Yarbough.

Documented line-up December 1990 Angie Workman, Valerie Washington, Estella Yarbrough, Kay Nickerson, Trudy Cohran.


Pepsi's Paylettes: Melaini Paul, Fretchen Palmer, Darlene Dillinger (from Jet, May 18, 1992).
Documented line-up 28 November, 4 December 1991 Paula Moye, Estella Yarbrough, Trudy Cohran, Gwendolyn Smith, Angie Workman.


Documented line-up 1 - 22 July 1992 Trudy Cohran, Pamela Diggs, Paula Moye, Angie Workman, Estella Yarbrough.


Documented line-up 19 November 1993 Angie Workman, Trudy Cohran, Michelle King, Elaine Woodard, Estella Yarbrough.


Possibly shot in Copenhagen.
Documented line-up 22 June 1996 Estella Yarbrough, Karen Evans, Kathy Mackey, Elaine Woodard, Tonette McKinney.


Montreux Jazz Festival (Jul. 19).
Documented line-up 11, 19 July 1997 Estella Yarbrough, Katrina Harper-Cooke, Kathy Mackey, Karen Evans, Tonette McKinney.


29 September to 3 October 1999

Backstage at  Showroom Casino, The Orleans Hotel, Las Vegas (Sep. 29 - Oct. 3).


Montreal Jazz Festival at Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier, Bell Centre, Montreal.

Documented line-up 10 January 2000 Estella Yarbrough, Tangy Biggers, Tonette McKinney, Karen Evans.

Documented line-up 20 July 2003 Estella Yarbrough, Renee Collins Georges, Katrina Harper, Karen Evans, Tonette McKinney.

Raelettes having fun in Lucca, Italy. Sitting: Renée Georges, Karen Evans, poss. Tangy Biggers, Tonette McKinney (Jul. 18).


F.l.t.r.: Ernest Collins, LaTonya Hicks-Jefferson, Ray Charles, Brianna Perry-Tucker.

Pre-game performance at Super Bowl XXXV, Raymond James Stadium in Tampa (Jan. 28).  


 Millennium Theatre, Brooklyn (May 1).

At Mohegun Casino. F.l.t.r.: Katrina Harper, Estella Yarbrough, Renée Collins Georges, Karen Evans and Tonette McKinney (Jun. 22).

At opening ceremonies of the Empire State Games at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, New York; emceed by Bob Costas (Jul. 31).

The Raelettes, backstage with a fan, at a Casino hotel in Atlantic City (from August 2002?).

At Beacon Theatre in New York (Aug. 7).

Late November in Nortmandie, France. From left to right: Brianna Tucker, Estella Yarbrough, Renee Collins Georges, Karen Evans and Tonette McKinney.


 Festival International de Jazz de Montréal at Salle Wilfrid Pelletier (Jun. 25 - 26).  

 Belleayre Music Festival, Highmount (Jul. 12); from left to right: Estelle Yarbrough, Renee Collins Georges, Katrina Harper, Karen Evans and Tonette McKinney.


A Ray Charles Orchestra without Ray Charles was tried out by Joe Adams in 2005. On August 4th he gathered a group of musicians, a few 'Raelettes', and Billy Osborne as the singer, in the Blue Note, in New York. The Raelettes in the photos are Andromeda Turre (who was hired in 2003, when concerts started to be canceled and therefore never performed live with Ray), Joy Styles and Shalaine Adams. Nobody booked the group.


  1. Hi!

    Thank you for you work!

    I couldn't help but posting some information here on the TRC-1511 LP "Souled Out":

    The LP was released in 1968. The 8 songs of the Raelets were recorded in Jan. and Dec. 1967, the remaining 4 Ike&Tina songs already in March 1966. I have this information from a handwritten notice which gives all the details as to the the studio times and the master tapes used for the record. It also lists the personnel. The note was included in the LP "Souled Out" I bought some time ago.

    all the best
    keep up the work

  2. Hi again!

    Sorry, I must correct my statement: TRC-LP 1511 is indeed from 1971, but the recordings are from 1966 and 1967. The note, however, gives the date "1968" for the LP, but this seems wrong, given the fact that the contigous nos. of TRC-LPs point to the early 70s.

  3. Hi,
    Thank you very much for sharing this! I hardly dare ask for more, but it would be very valuable (at least for me and other fans;-) if you could share the other details on that note (spec. personnel and any specific dates).
    Do you have any idea on the origin/author of that note?
    Best regards, BOB

  4. The photo "Unidentified location, c. 1959" was taken in the Ambler Liberty Sporting Club (Montgomery, Pennsylvania).

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Thnx, see the new Raelettes page.