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17 December 2010

Ray Charles, King Of Soul (1988) (and 2007?)

In Germany the epithet "King of Soul" was often used for Ray (e.g. also for a few album titles). On 3 January 1988 the first German TV network aired a 70-minute program titled Ray Charles, King of Soul. According to this (Dutch) source it encompassed an interview and concert takes.
On 1 May 2007 tv station ARD re-broadcast the program (or... was it an entirely new documentary? BS) with the title Ray Charles - King of Soul. This source specifies that the "film" was made by Ali Haurand, a well known German jazz musician, presenting "Der musikalische Weg eines Superstars" - the musical journey of a superstar). The content description ("Ray Charles starb am 10. Juni 2004" - Ray Charles died on June 10th, 2004) seems to imply that this film was produced after Ray's death. Who knows more?

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