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01 September 2010

Ray Charles Is In Town - Chronology 1986


"Recording studio, NYC", photo by David McGough.
Baby Grand peaks at #75 on Pop chart.
The Pages Of My Mind peaks at #34 on Country Chart, Dixie Moon at #66.
From The Pages Of My Mind peaks at #16 on Country Album Chart.

January 1986
Release of the album From The Pages Of My Mind.

4 January 1986
With Tony Bennett recording at the Larabee Studios in Los Angeles ("This will be Bennett’s first album in 10 years & his first collaboration with Ray Charles. The Columbia release, due in April, will be sold in compact disc, cassette, and album simultaneously, an unusual marketing strategy"). See this.

Recording with Tony Bennett. Photos by Barbara Crownover.

Recording with Phil Ramone, 1986 - possibly for the Tony Bennett album, or for Baby Grand with Billy Joel..
18 January 1986
Finishes production of new series of Pioneer commercials. See this.

23 January 1986
Profiled in documentary (part 2 of 2; air date; part 1 not yet found). See this.
Inducted at first Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ceremonies at Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York. See  this and this.

7 February 1986
Honored at second annual Top Hat award dinner, Sheraton Premiere in Universal City.

15 February 1986
Ray honored at 3d Abbual Salute to Children Banquet in Compton. Ray couldn't attend, but engaged in a video taping in which he was interviewed; at the end he played and sang a few bars of : In The Garden. Ray Jr. accepted the price in his father's regard.

24 February 1986
Ray Charles & Fats Domino Seen With Mafia Bosses (news item; footage from 23 January). See this.

25 February 1986
Concert at unknown location.

4 – 5 March 1986
On Easter Seals Telethon. See this.

8 March 1986
Yellowstone Superpops Series at Louisville Gardens.

9 and 10 March 1986
Nationwide Easter Seal Telethon. See this.

10 March 1986
Atlanta Hilton and Towers.

18 March 1986
On The Tonight Show. See this and  this.

19 March 1986
Photo by Sam Emerson.
Picture offered on Ebay: "Ray Charles During a Recording Session at the Studio Candid Photo".

4 April 1986
On Ebony/Jet Showcase; with Kim Fields, Maurice White and Mother McClaney; hosted by Greg Gumbelo and Deborah Crable. See this.

7 April 1986
On WrestleMania 2, at Nassau Coliseum in New York. See this.

15 April 1986
Honored by Florida Senate. See this

26 April 1986
Benefit Pops '86, fund-raiser for American Cancer Society at Westchester County Center in White Plains; with New Orchestra of Westchester.

28 April 1986
Receives community award at Freddie Jet's Pied Piper, Los Angeles.

May 1986
Ray visited a local dentist before a concert in Tyler (TX) which was cancelled because the promotor failed to pay out guarantee.
Early May 1986
Salute in honor of Gertrude Gipsom (editor Los Angeles Sentinel) at Freddie Jet's Pied Piper night club, LA.

June 1986
Release of the single The Pages of My Mind / Slip Away.
Pepsi radio campaign. See this.

5 June 1986
Concert in Wilmington canceled by Ray Charles ("At the last minute Ray got this TV show and decided to do that. This is legitimate rescheduling of the concert.")
Taping of Fats & Friends, at Storyville Jazz Hall, New Orleans. See this.
First aired on July 25 (ad from TV Guide).

7 and 8 June 1986
At the Harbor Festival in Norfolk.
Norfolk Harbor Festival and Portsmouth Seawall Festival, Richmond (the latter canceled: “Because of a schedule conflict, [Ray Charles] has postponed his Richmond Symphony Pops date for two weeks...”); see 15 November.

10 June 1986
Concert in Portland.

11 June 1986
Interviewed By Rona Elliot For NBC News On Stage.

12 June 1986
Brady Street Theatre, Tulsa.
13 June 1986
Concert at Brogden Hall, New Hanover canceled at last moment (promoter fails to pay out). Read story here.

17 June 1986
At The 2nd André Previn Music Festival in London. See this. Photo here.


20 June 1986
Billy Bob's Texas, Fort Worth.

22 June 1986
Audubon Zoo, Hibernia Pavilion, New Orleans (with The Radiators).

23 June 1986
Crazyhorse Steak House, Santa Ana.

28 June 1986
Honky Tonk jazz festival, Dendermonde (sound problems; read this).

30 June 1986
Isis, Festhalle, Bern (read review here).

1 July 1986
Estival Jazz Lugano at the Piazza Della Riforma (bootlegged, probably from radio broadcast). See this and this.

4 July 1986
On Good Morning America (Liberty Weekend). See this.

7 July 1986

12 July 1986
PWA Zaal, Congresgebouw Den Haag, North Sea Jazz Festival.

Photo: ANP.
Photo: ANP.
17 July 1986
Stadio Flaminio, Rome (review here).

25 July 1986
Black Heritage Festival, Toyohashi, Japan (taped for radio and tv, both bootlegged). See this.

5 August 1986
Grand Ballroom at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel in Honolulu.

13 and 14 August 1986
Humphrey's, San Diego.

14 August 1986
'Concert Under The Stars', Irvine.

15 August 1986
'Gospel Night' at Concorde Jazz Festival, San Francisco; co-billed with Andrae Crouch.

16 August 1986
Beverly Theatre, Beverly Hills.

21 August 1986
Opera House, Spokane.

22 August 1986
Oregon State Fair.

24 August 1986
World Fair, Vancouver.

26 August 1986
Summer Music Festival Stargaze86, at Town Center Plaza,  in Santa Fe Springs.

2 and 3 September 1986
Free Jazz Festival at the Teatro do Hotel Nacional in Rio de Janeiro; a segment was televized on September 21; see this.
Photo by Sergio Amara.
11 September 1986
In Walt Disney World's 15Th Birthday Celebration (air date). See this. 

12 September 1986
Oakdale Theatre, Wallingford.

13 Sep 1986Premier Center, Sterling Heights.

19 September 1986
Orpheum Theater, New Orleas.
Ad from The Times-Picayune New Orleans, 14 Sep.
20 September 1986
21st Mobile Jazz Festival, Greater Gulf State Fairgrounds.

26 September 1986
Lowell Memorial Auditorium, Boston.

October 1986
Release of the single Dixie Moon / A Little Bit of Heaven.
At unidentified venue; photo by John Atashian.

4 October 1986
Speaks out on South Africa and apartheid (open letter published in Billboard).

10 October 1986
Benefit concert for Bayly Art Museum at University Hall, Charlottesville.

11 October 1986
High School Auditorium, Malden.

14 October 1986
Fox, Chicago. See 4 October, above.

17 October 1986
Spirit Sqaure, Charlotte.

18 October 1986
Miami Beach Theater of the Performing Arts.

23 October 1986
Two sold out concerts at Copa, Toronto.

"Up to his old tricks: Ray Charles last night took the starch out of Some Enchanted Evening, deliberately hesitating on the high notes and cranking the tempo up beyond all sensible proportions, reviewer Craig MacInnis reports. But not everyone was happy with his show. (Photo by Keith Beaty/Toronto Star via Getty Images)".

This photo is also associated with the gig at the Copa, but was probably taken on an earlier date.

24 October 1986
With New American Orchestra at Auditorium Theater, Chicago.

27 October 1986
National Stadium, Dublin.

Late October 1986
Concert in Lille. See this.

31 October 1986
Grand Casino, Geneva (read review here).
On Omnibus (UK; air date). See this.

Around this time in 1986
Traveling the Auto Route in France.
At a parking lot near Marseille. Photo by Claude Gassian.

1 November 1986
Concert in Paris. See this and this.

9 November 1986
Porto Palace, Barcelona.

15 November 1986
Pops with Richmond Symphony Orchestra at the Mosque in Richmond.

21 November 1986
Awarded the medal Commandeur De L' Ordre Des Arts Et Des Lettres by French Culture and Communications secretary of State Philippe de Villiers at Maxim's residence in Paris. See this. Photo here.

22 November 1986
At Victoires De La Musique event, the public celebration of receiving the Commandeur medal (cf. 21 November). See this.

27 November 1986
Thanksgiving Day show at Peabody Auditorium in Daytona Beach.

28 November 1986
Thanksgiving Special at Walt Whitman Hall, Brooklyn College (with Brook Benton).
Ad in New York Amsterdam News, Nov. 8, 1986.
6 December 1986
Kennedy Honors dinner at State Department in Washington.
Arriving at State Department; photo by Charles Tasnadi.

7 December 1986
 Receives Kennedy Center Honors, called "one of the most respected singers of his generation . . . the pioneer who broke down barriers between secular and sacred styles, between black and white pop." TV program from White House and Kennedy Center; see this.

12 December 1986
Ft. In The Beach Boys 25 Years Together, on Hawaii (first aired 13 March 1987). See this.

25 - 31 December 1986
Café Cristal at Diplomat Hotel, Miami. "[...] Ray Charles [...] had a very special arrangement in his contract. He was to be paid in cash - $170,000 for 10 performances. So, each night, before he went on stage, I had to take $17,000 in hundred dollar bills to his dressing room back stage in a small paper lunch
bag. Of course he was blind, but his manger was with him, who would say, Here comes the man” (source).

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