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10 June 2010

Singer Ray Charles Profiled (1986)

NBC News Archives (ID T860729) has a 8m38s tape, from a program that was first broadcast on 23 January 1986, titled Singer Ray Charles profiled - part 2 of 2 (part 1 seems to be missing). Synopsis:
"In interview Charles says everyone will deal with blues music in their lifetime. Charles plays blues tune on piano & contends that he's pretty alert to what's going on around him. Charles states he's a good chess player, motorcyclist & pilot. He adds that he likes the Los Angeles Dodgers & maintains that he likes a woman who's in tune with what is going on. Clip from Flip Wilson Show featuring Flip Wilson dressed as Geraldine while Charles plays the piano seen in b&w film [see this]. Clip: Charles performs with back-up singers the Ra[e]lettes. The Ra[e]lettes & Charles seen performing. Charles seen playing the piano & shuffling his feet. Charles asserts that he was lucky to survive his success; maintains he doesn't preach to young musicians & notes that drugs won't help a musician to perform better. On 23 January '86 in New York City Charles sings at induction of members to Rock & Roll Hall of Fame [see this]. [...] Charles & band perform on stage [...]."

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