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26 June 2010

Ray Charles Interviewed For The National Visonary Leadership Project (c 2002)

The goal of the National Visonary Leadership Project (NVLP) is "[...] to ensure that the wisdom of [...] extraordinary African American elders is preserved by and passed on to the young people who will lead us tomorrow."
They have built an oral history archive, for which they also interviewed Ray Charles - I guess sometime in 2001 or early 2002). He doesn't say anything new, but he's his own charming self, as always.

Also watch Quincy Jones and Joe Adams in the same series.

A very special mother:

My first piano lessons:

Hearing my first arrangement:

Inspired by Late Greats:

Building relationships with record companies:

Monster hit, What'd I Say:

Playing without discrimination:

Appreciating honors:

Advise to young artists:

My Utopia / how to groove in this world:

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