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18 May 2013

Ray Charles Band @ MIT (1961)

As far as I know, this is the second-ever picture of Ray Charles' big band.
"After an informal dinner, it was the popular jazz artist, Ray Charles, and his orchestra. An enthusiastic audience
attended the concert held in the Armory, which was followed by our own private performance - the annual pledge skit
and a 'jungle theme' party."
On November 4, 1961, the Ray Charles ("augmented") Big Band performed at the Armory in Boston on the occasion of MIT's yearly Junior Prom weekend. The 'Genius' signs on the music stands were new. The line-up must have been highly similar to the one in Paris, in late October '61, so that could well be John Hunt taking a trumpet solo in the shadows.
From MIT''s collegial newspaper, The Tech (Nov. 8, 1961).