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30 May 2011

Ray Charles Plays For Children (Imaginary Albums, Vol. 1)

  1. Alphabet Song (with kids choir)
  2. Alphabet Song (with other celebs)
  3. It's Not Easy Being Green (with Kermit)
  4. It's Not Easy Being Green (with Muppet choir)
  5. I Got A Song (with Bert & Ernie)
  6. Monster In The Mirror (with Grover and other celebs)
  7. Believe In Yourself (wih Elmo and Sesame choir)
  8. Zip A Dee Do Dah
  9. There It Is (as G-Clef)

    Bonus tracks:

28 May 2011

Manufacturing Of Ray Charles' Greatest Hits (1962)

Stock agency Budget Films has archived (ID Clip-4881) this documentary footage of the manufacturing of the compilation album Ray Charles, Greatest Hits (ABC 415), from 1962:

10 May 2011

Ray Charles Live In Japan (1992)

Although he is not 200% positive (only recognizing the contours of a familiar Moon bass, but not his own profile), Nils Johnson thinks this footage may originate from the concert for Earth Day that was produced by the Japanese public broadcasting organisation (NHK) in Tokyo, in 1992. The program was either broadcast live on 22 April, or taped on the 21st and aired on the 22nd of April.
Victor Vanacore conducted a local symphony orchestra, supported by the Ray Charles band's rhythm section; Peter Turre on drums, Kenny Carr on guitar, and Nils Johnson on bass.

Who knows more about the complete setlist?

Georgia On My Mind:

It Ain't Easy Being Green:

All I Ever Need Is You:

08 May 2011

New Page: The Band 1953 - 2003

Sufficiently documented, complete (in very few cases near-complete) personnel listings of the Ray Charles Orchestra (small & big big bands, incl. line-ups of later trio & quartet settings, and incl. Raelettes) can be found on this new page (also see navigation at top right corner of each blog page).
As per definition, these listings can't be perfect. All tips and suggestions for improvements and additions are welcome!