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26 August 2010

Ray Charles Is In Town - Chronology 1974

Ad for Rhodes keyboards.

Rehearsing at RPM Studios, LA, c 1974.
In NBC-TV Pilot for Cotton Club format. See this and look here.
Come Live With Me peaks at #182 on Pop Album Chart.

January 1974
Release of album Come Live With Me.

4 to 8 and 9 to 15 February 1974
(Dates probably differed locally).
Co-hosting the Mike Douglas Show. See this
From this series' press kit.

March 1974
Release of the single Louise / Somebody.

12 March 1974
On the Tonight Show. See this.

13 - 23 March 1974
Blue Room, Fairmont Hotel, New Orleans.

28 to 31 March 1974
Jupiter's, Long Island, New York.

6 April 1974
U.D. Arena, Dayton.

9 to 13 April 1974
Trojan Horse, Seattle.

17 to 27 April 1974
Joe Namath's, Birmingham.

29 April to 19 May 1974
The Empire Room of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York. Review here.
Table advert.
At a Waldorf-Astoria reception in his honor.

21 to 25 May 1974
Southernaire, Atlanta.
The second photo was made by Steve Banks.

25 May 1974 to 1 June 1974
Showboat I, “featuring an aristocracy of Jazz Concert Artists” aboard the Rotterdam, a Holland America Line cruise ship, sailing to Nassau and Bermuda - 8 days from $ 325 to $810 - with Ella Fitzgerald, Dizzy Gillespie, Oscar Peterson, Leonard Feather, James Moody, Dakota Staton, Jimmy Tyler, Carl Warwick and Bobby Hackett “in a great freewheeling exhibition of traditional Jazz - Hot, Cool, Funky, Bop, Blue, Soul”. Passengers have the opportunity "to sit on jam sessions and conduct panel discussions with the performers".
...But it seems that Ray only performed in Nassau, on May 27. 
Ad from Columbia Spectator.

28 and 29 May 1974

30 May to 2 June 1974

Holiday Inn, Memphis.

3 to 6 June 1974


7 to 15 June 1974

Bachelor's Inn, Ft. Lauderdale.

16 to 21 June 1974
Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills.

20 June 1974
Music is the Message Festival at Fort Gordon.  

23 June to 4 July 1974
 Salon Candides Hotel, Mexico City.

5 July 1974

Monterey (Mexico).

6 July 1974

Guadalajara (Mexico).

 7 July 1974

Double concert at Teatro Degollado, Mexico City.

20 July 1974
Live guest on radio program New York, New York, broadcast by Voice Of America (air date). See this.   

30 July - 4 August 1974
Warehouse, Denver.
Photo made on July 31st by Denver Post staff photographer John Preto.

5 - 10 August 1974
Oakdale Musical Theatre with Gladys Knight.

Ad (partial) from Hartford Courant, 26 Jul.
12 August 1974
Musicarnival Concert in or near Cleveland with Gladys Knight (source: review in Cleveland Plain Dealer, 13 Aug. 1974).

19 August 1974
Bomb threat cuts short Ray's show at Wollman Memorial Skating Rink during Schaefer Music Festival in Central Park. Also cf. sub 2 September.

Photos by Waring Abott (Getty).

20 August 1974
Robin Hood Dell, Fairmont Park, Philadelphia; with Erroll Garner; 45,000 spectators

25 August 1974
Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, with Quincy Jones and The Sylvers.
Ree & Ray in LA, in 1974 (maybe on this day).
30 August 1974
Michigan State Fairgrounds, Detroit.

31 August 1974
Announced to perform one or more winning entries of the 1st annual American Song Festival Contest, at the Saratoga Arts Center, in Saratoga Springs – but probably escaped from this. See this.
Souvenir brochure mentioning Ray.

1 September 1974
Cardines Field, at Newport Jazz Festival.

2 September 1974
Central Park, New York (making good on show that was cut off on 19 August).

Dorothy Berry and Mable John.

Photos by Waring Abbott.

4 to 8 September 1974

Nanuet Theater-Go-Round in Yonkers, benefit for Yonkers' Big Brother-Big Sisters; with Gladys Knight and the Pips. Read review here.
Ad in New York Amsterdam News, Jul. 10, 1974.
Ad in New York Amsterdam News, Sep. 7, 1974.
14 and 15 September 1974
West High School Auditorium, Anchorage ("The listeners leave, some in shock but most swear they'll return the next night"; read review here).

17 September 1974
Audtorium, Portland.
Ad from Portland Oregonian, 1 Sep.
19 September 1974
The Cave, Vancouver.
Photos by John Mahler.

30 September 1974
Opera House, Spokane ("Superb"; read review here).

4 October 1974
Harry Adams Field House, University of Montana.

5 October 1974
Civic Center Auditorium, Great Falls (marketed through a "mini-vacation package".
Concert - Ad, Civic Center Auditorium, Great Falls, Ray Charles, mini-vacation, Lethbridge Herald September 26, 1974 - 19741005

6 October 1974
Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles.

10 October 1974
Concert at YMCA in Auckland ("Immigration Minister Fraser Colman originally refused to grant Charles, 43, a visa because he did not meet the government's requirements for entry"). Also see this and this.
Walk-off. Photo by Murray Cammick.

11 October 1974
Fort Sill Officers Club.

14 and 15 October 1974
The Governor Morris Inn, Morristown.

16 - c. 28 October 1974
Venetian Room at Fairmont Hotel, Atlanta.

28 October 1974
Ft. Jackson, with 3,000 trainees in audience ("Maj. Gen. William B. Caldwell III, post commander, occupied a seat on stage during part of the festival").

31 October 1974
Gaffney Sports Arena, Fort Meade.

Rest of fall 1974 
Fairmont Hotels in Dallas, New Orleans and San Francisco.

November 1974
A filmed interview in Dallas. See this. 
With Oscar Peterson on a CBC show. See this. 

5 November 1974
Riverside Gymnasium, University of California.

7 - 17 November 1974
Venetian Room, Fairmont Hotel and Tower, San Francisco.

19 November 1974
On The Tonight Show. See this.

20 to 30 November 1974
Venetian Room at Fairmont Hotel, Dallas.

1 – 2 December 1974
Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin - after cancellation of Texas Opry House (which closed just before the Ray Charles concert due to Willie Nelson's problems with the IRS); the poster below was never printed (read story here).

28 December 1974
"We Can't Stop Loving You" tribute to Quincy Jones at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles (Ray was expected to perform, but I haven't found any confirmation that the made it).

Ray Charles writing braille. Photos by Ted Williams for Ebony.
Photos by Ted Williams, for Ebony.

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