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12 August 2010

Ray Charles Helping Doc On Easter Seal's Telethon (1986)

(There Is Always) One More Time is the title of a special song penned by Doc Pomus and Kenny Hirsch that Ray Charles introduced on a nation wide Easter Seal Telethon on 9 March 1986. Source here. For Ray's other contributions to the Seals, read this.

In 1991 Pomus was the first white recipient of the Rhythm And Blues Foundation Pioneer Award. Ray Charles did the honors via a pre-recorded message. Who knows more about this?

Johnny Adams' marvelous version of (There Is Always) One More Time:


  1. In the liner notes of "Johnny Adams Sings Doc Pomus: The Real Me," Dr. John writes,

    "Right before Doc Pomus passed away, Ray Charles had sent him a tape of "There is Always One More Time," and it was heavy on me when I heard Ray sing "Keeping your eyes closed is worse than being blind." Then, when we were cutting it with Johnny, it was an even more emotionable and touching experience."

  2. That's very moving! What exactly was on the tape? A copy of the Telethon recording, or something he fabricated in his studio? (BTW - I
    've always found it a pity that Johnny never worked with Ray).