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19 August 2010

Ray Charles Is In Town - Chronology 1949

February 1949
I Love You, I Love You / Confession Blues released. The tunes were recorded in Seattle; probably at the KOL radio studio in the Northern Life Tower, Seattle; read this; Lauderdale has misheard “McSon Trio”, and releases the single as a "Maxin Trio" record, specifying that "Ray Charles" was responsible for the "vocal" part.
(There's also a story that the recording took place in December '48).

12 February 1949
Ad in Billboard for I Love You, I Love You; “Maxin” further corrupted into “Maxine”.
12 March 1949
Another ad in Billboard for I Love You, I Love You / Confession Blues.
Ad in Billboard, March 12, 1949.
Ad in Billboard, October 8, 1949. 
9 April 1949
Confession Blues by "Maxine Trio" enters Billboard's Most-Played Juke Box Race Records chart at #11.

Spring 1949
Recording of 7 songs in Seattle. 

Mid-May 1949
Confession Blues peaks at #2.

May or June 1949
Recording of  If I Give You My Love, Can't You See Darling, This Love of Mine.
Release of Let's Have A Ball / Rockin' Chair Blues.

11 June 1949
Gossie, representing the trio, signs record contract with Down Beat.
The trio is still working at the Rocking Chair, and has incidental gigs elsewhere.

September 1949
Release of How Long / Blues Before Sunrise and Sentimental Blues / You'll Always Miss the Water (When the Well Runs Dry).
Lauderdale sends Gossie and Ray (oneway) airplane tickets for LA, to record more.
15 – 16  November 1949
Recording session in LA; Mitchell Webb on first guitar (to Gossie's surprise).
Lauderdale puts money down on used Chevy so that Gossie and Ray can drive back to Seattle.

Winter 1949-1950
Down Beat changes its name, to Swing Time.
Maxin Trio-name also used during gigs in Seattle, to match the records.
Release of Alone in the City / Can Anyone Ask for More and Ain't That Fine / Don't Put All Your Dreams in One Basket.
Signed by Ben Waller, as MaxiM Trio:
From California Eagle, 24 November 1949.
From Los Angeles Sentinel, Nov. 17

17 December 1949
An article in the Pittsburgh Courier of this day reports that a "nation-wide tour of theatres and night clubs with the sunny South as their first port of call is planned for the Maxim Trio, which features Ray Charles at the piano and on vocals. The phenomenal trio is nearing the end of a lengthy series of highly successful engangements in the great Northwest. They are currently appearing at the Sand Point Club in Seattle."

NOTE: who was the Ray Charles "crooning" at a show-dance on July 22nd, 1949, in the Bronx?

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