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22 October 2014

Pacific Palisades


Ray Charles performed the title song for the French film Pacific Palisades, directed by Bernard Schmitt, with Sophie Marceau and Adam Coleman Howard. The film was released on March 28, 1990.

The film flopped, and didn't even bring it to a video release. A soundtrack was never released.

The song was written by Michael Jones, and composed by Jean-Jacques Goldman (who knew how to write a blues). Ray Charles didn't want the song to be released.*

* Remarks made by Joël Dufour. 

Pacific Palisades
Young and tender, still ignore
All that the future has in store
Things become harder some day

Now y'all listen to me!

Just remember
Keep in mind
Love is sometimes so unkind
Don't let it turn you away

Like when your tears run
On your make-up
Wipe it off!
And put on a new face

Just pick yourself up!
Never give up!

What you want most is behind that palisade
And when you get over the top
That's where you'll stay

Don't be sorry, don't be shy
Leave your worries far behind
Take what you can from this make

Another drop to fill that cup
Another step to take you up
To put you up far and free

Like when your tears run
On your make-up
I said, wipe it off!
And put on a new face

Did you hear me?
Just pick yourself up!
And never give up!

What you want most is behind that palisade
And when you get over the top,
That's where you'll stay

And when you get over the top,
That's where you'll stay
Alright, amen

Pas-Se-O-Ne Blues (With The Ray Charles Orchestra)

Album: My Kind Of Jazz, Tangerine 1512, April 1970.

Recorded at RPM International in Los Angeles, from January 1 to 10, 1970.

Ray Charles - piano; J. Lloyd Miller - alto saxophone, oboe; Curtis Peagler - alto saxophone; Andy Ennis, Albert McQueen, Clifford Scott - tenor saxophone; Leroy Cooper - baritone saxophone; Bobby Bryant, Bill King, Marshall Hunt, Blue Mitchell, trumpet; Glen Childress, Henry Coker, Joe Randazzo, (+ Edward Comegys? or Fred Murrell? or David Phelps?) - trombone; Ben Martin - guitar; Edgar Willis - bass; Ernest Elly - drums.

Montreux 1997 (starts at 11'50):

'89 LC Paris
'97 LC Montreux

Peace Of Mind

Album: Crying Time, ABC/Paramount/Tangerine 544, January 1966.

Recorded in Q3 of 1965 at RPM International in Los Angeles.

With the Ray Charles Orchestra and The Raelettes.


Album: Ray Charles Invites You To Listen, ABC/Tangerine 595, June 1967.

Wait for the falsetto finale!

Recorded at RPM International in 1966 or 1967. With The Ray Charles Orchestra and a strings section (all uncredited).

Arranged by Sid Feller.

People Will Say We're In Love (With Betty Carter)

Album: Ray Charles And Betty Carter, ABC/Paramount 385, July 1961.

Recorded at the United Studios in Hollywood on June 13 and 14, 1961.

Hank Crawford - alto saxophone; David Fathead Newman - tenor saxophone; Leroy Cooper - baritone saxophone; Bill Pittman - guitar; Edgar Willis - bass; Mel Lewis, Bruno Carr - drums; The Jack Halloran Singers - background vocals; strings. Marty Paich - arranger; conductor.

Montreux 1997 (at 1'03'40):

'97 LC Montreux - Released
'99 LC Rome NM

Piano Improvisations (Not Titled)

Compilation album: Pure Genius: The Complete Atlantic Recordings, Atlantic, 2005 (1952-1959), Disk 7 (4 tracks).

From the rehearsal session with Ahmet Ertegun, on 10 May 1953, in New York.

Please (You Got That) (With INXS' Michael Hutchence)

Album3: INXS, Full Moon, Dirty Hearts, EastWest 4509942182 / Atlantic Records, 82541-2, 2 November 1993.
Singles3 (CD, cassette, 7" & 12" vinyl): EastWest 4509944362 / Atlantic DMD 2078, 11 December 1993 - including several mixes: Club Need Mix, Needful Dub Mix, Downtown Dub Mix, Downtown Instrumental Mix (cf. this).

The INXS album was recorded between November '92 to October '93. The Michael Hutchence Memorial site has an interesting audio snippet, where Michael guides Ray in singing a phrase from the song. Listen here.

For the music clip see this; it was produced in New York in October '93. Read this article for much more.


Letterman 1993:

'93 TV Letterman

Please Forgive And Forget

Album: Country And Western Meets Rhythm And Blues (aka Together Again), ABC/Paramount 520, August 1965.

From the first album recorded at RPM International, Ray's own studio at West Washington Boulevard in Los Angeles. (Though this song was originally written for the film Ballad In Blue, and recorded in 1964, and may therefore - partially? - have been taped elsewhere).

Please Say You're Fooling

Album: Ray's Moods, ABC/Paramount/Tangerine 550, July 1966.
Single (A): ABC 10865, October 1966, b/w I Don't Need No Doctor.

Recorded in 1965 at RPM International, in Los Angeles.

With strings and singers (uncredited).

Poor Butterfly (With Quincy Jones A.O.)

Album3 (VHS): Quincy Jones - A Celebration In Seattle, VC II VC133, S.a. (c. 1983) or Front Row Video, 15 November 1990.

During this TV concert, taped on 12 or 13 March 1983 in Seattle, as an extra surprise, Quincy brought Bumps Blackwell, Floyd Standifer, Buddy Catlett, Major Pickford and Ernestine Anderson on stage, presenting them, together with Ray, as a reunion of a typical show at the Washington Social Club "in 1947 or 1948" [this should be 1948 or 1949, BS], where they made some extra money through the 'Kitty Box', where guests would put in an extra quarter for any request that was fulfilled by the musicians. The reunited group, together with Quincy and Ray, performed Poor Butterfly.