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25 April 2013

Ray Charles' Iris By Francis Giacobetti (c 1990?)

Portrait of Ray Charles by Francis Giacobetti (c 1990?), in the Hymn series: 180 black and white portraits, combined with full color close ups of each person's iris.
Cf. Francis Giacobetti's website for more.

23 April 2013

Rare Picture Of Ray Charles Fans At 1958 Dance Hall Gig In Rochester (NY)

Kids with (self-made?) Ray Charles hats at dance hall gig in 1958; photo by Paul Hoeffler. Almost certainly taken at Eddie's Roller Palace in Chestnut Street, Rochester (NY). More pictures: here.

10 April 2013

Ray Charles Interviewed In Rock, Roll And Remember (1984)

Copy of the show on elpee,
offered for sale on Ebay. It could be
from a rerun of the show.
In 1984 Columbia Records put serious effort in promoting Ray's country & western album Do I Ever Cross Your Mind. Obviously, canvassing radio shows was part of the package.

Ray also appeared in the long-running syndicated radio show Rock, Roll and Remember (show #124) produced, presented and syndicated by Dick Clark for his United Stations network.

08 April 2013

Ray Charles Live In Saratoga Springs (1988)

On 20 and 21 August 1988 the Ray Charles aggregation headlined the JVC Jazz Festival at the Performing Arts Center in Saratoga Springs (NY). Someone in the audience taped the show on the 21st. Here you can listen to it. The setlist* was:
  1. Bacio (Ray Charles Orchestra) (Jeff Kaye - tp; Armin Marmolejo - tb)
  2. The Team (Ray Charles Orchestra) (Jeff Kaye - tp, Rudy Johnson - ts)
  3. Bill (Ray Charles Orchestra) (Mike Karn - ts)
  4. Smokin' at Hungry Joe's (Ray Charles Orchestra)
  5. Sister Sadie (Ray Charles Orchestra) (Al Jackson - bs)
  6. Intro Ray Charles
  7. Then We'll Be Home (Sadies Tune)
  8. Busted
  9. Georgia On My Mind
  10. Mississippi Mud
  11. Come Rain Or Come Shine
  12. Feel So Bad
  13. Come Live With Me
  14. Intro Raelettes
  15. Hold On, I'm Coming
  16. Anyway You Want To
  17. Don't Change On Me 
  18. I Can't Stop Loving You 
  19. Smack Dab In The Middle 
  20. The Pages Of My Mind
  21. Lay Around And Love On You (All I Wanna Do Is --)
  22. What'd I Say
  23. Outro 
Bacio (#1) was penned by Dan Marcus; Bill (#3) was composed by Onzy Matthews.

Musicians: Chuck Parrish, Jeff Helgesen, Ted Murdock, Jeff Kaye - trumpets; Armin Marmolejo, Steve Sigmund, James Romanek, Charlie Shofner - trombones; Chris Lega, Al Jackson, Mike Karn, Rudy Johnson, Scott Frillman - saxophones; Jeff Ballard - drums; Kenny Carr - guitar; Darren Solomon - bass; Ernest Vantrease - keyboards. The Raelettes: unidentified.
* This concert shouldn't be confused (as happened to me) with the 1988 concert at the Paul Masson winery in Saratoga (CA), described here. Special thanks to Darren Solomon, Scott Frillman, Steve Sigmund, Jim Rotondi, Dan Marcus, and Jeff Helgesen for helping me to get the details right.