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12 September 2014

Ray Charles Interviewed On BBC Worldwide (2001)

In an episode of Meridian Masterpiece, a BBC Worldwide radio news program, Ray Charles talked about his life and his music. "Throughout his life he has shown great strength and has fought to get what he wants. He's a black man from a segregated town in the USA who performed in apartheid South Africa; a blind man who's created a foundation for the deaf", the BBC website announced. The program probably aired on or shortly after 12 April 2001. The 24-minute RealAudio soundfile of the program is still here.

10 September 2014

Genius Loves Company's 10th Anniversary Reissues (2014)

The 10th anniversary of the 2004 album Genius Loves Company will be celebrated with three deluxe reissues, in variant packages - one of them in (2-LP, 45RPM, 180-gram) vinyl* - and a 192/24 hi-res digital download-version. Another version is packaged with the film Ray; all packs will be including "interviews with guest artists from then and now"; and a "new expanded booklet with updated liner notes and photos".
Just as in 2004, Starbucks will take care of distribution in the U.S.

Remarkable: Concord has submitted all tracks on YouTube.

Concord/Hear Music, September - December 2014; ASIN B00MY5AKEA, B00MWZIASS, B00MY5AK1I. The pricing is at high-premium levels.

* The press release also promises the buyers of the vinyl pack a download voucher for two bonus tracks, but it's not clear if these are the known extra tracks that are part of all variants (including the 2004 pack), or if they are entirely new 'give aways'.

Promo 2014 release (short):

Promo 2014 release (longer):