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27 August 2010

Ray Charles Is In Town - Chronology 1975

At a TV show? Photo (c) Rex Features/ITV.
From an article in the National Enquirer, mid 1970s.
Probably from the same source.
Rehearsing at RPM. Photo top: Ray and Clifford 'Cap' Solomon. Mid 1970s. Photos by Howard Morehead.
c 1975
Ft. in PSA for Smokey Bear campaign of Cooperative Forest Fire Prevention (CFFP) campaign. See this.

Interviewed by Norman Gunston. See this.
Living For The City peaks at #91 on Pop and #22 on R&B charts.
Renaissance peaks at #175 on Pop Album Chart.

7 January 1975
Tribute to Quincy Jones at Shrine Auditorium in LA; with Marvin Gaye, Cannonball Adderley.
With Jimmy Witherspoon.

10 January 1975
On the Mac Davis Show. See this
Newspaper announcement + photo dated 16 January (?) here.  

Late January 1975
Receives President's Award at annual NAACP Image Award at event, at Hollywood Palladium.

31 January 1975
Midnight Special with Aretha.

18 February 1975
Presents AMA award to Charlie Rich. See this.


20 February 1975
Possibly a guest on Dinah! See this.

5 April 1975
Paramount Theatre, Oakland.

6 April 1975
Civic Auditorium, San Jose. Review here.

9 April 1975
At Civic Theatre in San Diego.

10 April 1975
"First major L.A. appearance in 3 yrs" at Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Orange County (LA).

16 April 1975
Bayfront Center, St Petersburg. Read review here.

19 April 1975
Royal Festival Hall, London.    
David Newman, Leroy Cooper (photo's source incorrectly attributed this picture to the London concert, but Fathead wasn't there).
20 April 1975
Press conference at Sheraton Hotel, prob. on this day.
Picketts Lock Centre, London.
Souvenir brochure + ticket for the London concert.

21 April 1975
Double concert at La Salle Pleyel in Paris. A partial recording has survived; see this.
Coll. J.P. Verger.
Photos by Gilbert Uzan/Getty.

24 April 1975
Forum, Liège.

25 April 1975
Elizabethzaal, Antwerp.

26 April 1975
Palias des Beaux Arts, Charleroi.

27 April 1975
Brussels, Palais des Beaux Arts (meets Princess Paola; photo here).

Around this date in 1975
6th International Jazz Festival at Dunkirk (Apr. 30 - May 3).
Program (detail of publicity photo with Mable John), with fake signature.

1 May 1975
Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon. See this.

2 May 1975
Victoria Hall, Geneva.

3 May 1975
On Sammy And Company (air date). See this. 

10 May 1975
Théâtre de Beaulieu, 20me Festival de Lausanne.

12 and 13 May 1975
Concerts at the Teatro Monumental in Madrid; the on the 13th televized by TVE. See this.
These photos were taken in Madrid, but are probably 2 or 3 years older:

Late Spring and Summer 1975
USA tour.
Late in '74 or early in '75, home in Virginia, Johnny C was chopping wood when a splinter flew up and went into his eye, which had to be replaced with a glass version. He returned after healing from that after the Europe tour, extending the trumpet section to 5 men for a while. 
Trumpet section f.l.t.r.: Jack Evans, Bob Coassin, Jeff Conrad, Phil Guilbeau, and [partially] Johnny Coles), in Fort Knox, KY. Also: John Bryant on drums, Ken Tussing and Glenn (Champ) Childress on trombone, and Clifford Solomon on alto sax. Photo: coll. Jeff Conrad.
16 May 1975
Houston Music Theater; tickets at $6-$7.

17 May 1975
Multiple sclerosis benefit at Tingley Coliseum, Albuquerque.

18 - 24 May 1975
Concert at the Latin Casino in Cherry Hill; co-billed with Bobby Bland. A board mix of the RC concert has survived.

30 May 1975
Massey Hall, Toronto.

June 1975
Release of album Renaissance.

On or around 4 June 1975
Receives Golden Plate Award from the American Academy of Excellence during a weekend conference in Evansville.

From Evansville Press.

9 June 1975
Fund-raiser 'National Salute To The Genius, Mr. Ray Charles', at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, with Aretha Franklin as honorary chairman;dinner organized by National Association for Sickle Cell Disease, in LA; emceed by McLean Stevenson, with Brock Peters, Lou Rawls, Jack Cassidy, Dyan Cannon, Flip Wilson, Sly Stone and Carol Burnett.
From Audtorium Arena, Jun. 18.

With LA mayor Tom Bradley. Photo by Bob Lucas.
Aretha Franklin kissing Ray Charles; Joe Adams right.

12 - 21 June 1975
Blue Room, Fairmont Hotel, New Orleans.

22 June 1975
At Pine Knob in Clarkston.

July 1975
Release of the single Living For The City / Then We'll Be Home (Sadies Tune).

6 July 1975
Benefit for and at New Horizons Rehabilitation Center near Lake Huntington, with Donald Byrd.

8 - 13 July 1975

Mill Run Theatre, Chicago.

17 - 20 July 1975
Circle Star Theater (with The Dells), San Carlos.

22 July 1975
Interviewed by Roy Leonard for WGN Radio. See this.

End of July 1975
Concert at Ontario Place, Toronto - attendance record broken.

30 July 1975
On the Merv Griffin Show, as a co/host together with Aretha Franklin (first air date was August 7). See this, this and this.

7 August 1975
Taping of Cher show (also see below, sub Nov. 15).
With Cher, Jim Henson, Muppets, and Raelettes.
10 September 1975Whitfield Auditorium, M.U.W., Columbus.

17 September 1975
Two shows at The Columbia, Ramada Inn, Missouri.
Ad from Jeffercon City Daily Capital News, 4 Sep.
19 September 1975
City Auditorium, Omaha.

24 September 1975
Save the Family, PUSH Expo75 (tribute to Cannonball Adderley), International Amphitheater, Chicago; with Buddy Miles and War. See another ad here.

25 September 1975
Stardust, Maryland. Review here.

30 September 1975
Opera House, Spokane.

October 1975
Release of album My Kind Of Jazz Part III.

3 October 1975
Great American Music Hall, San Francisco.

Photos (the 3d one a retouche?) by Jon Sievert.

5 October 1975
Community Center Theater, Sacramento.

10 October 1975
Civic Theatre, Auckland.

11 October 1975
Interview, filmed In Sydney. See this.
Interviewed after arrival on Sydney Airport. Photo by Trevor Dallen for the Sun-Herald News.
Probably taken at same occasion, and from same source.
Taken during another interview in Sydney.

13 October 1975
Civic Theatre, Canberra.

14 and 15 October 1975
Festival Hall in Melbourne ("Black magic"). Read interview here and review here.

17 October 1975
Festival Hall, Brisbane.

19 October 1975
Civic Theatre, Newcastle.

20 and 21 October 1975
Hordern Pavilion, Sydney.

22 and 23 October 1975
\Festival Theatre, Adelaide.

24  October 1975
Odeon Theatre, Mt. Gambier.

27 October 1975
Entertainment Center, Perth.

On or around 28 October 1975
Borodbudur Continental Hotel, Jakarta.

29 October 1975
Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore.
Trumpet player Jack Evans remembers: "When the band arrived at the Singapore airport, 3 band members were detained - myself, Scott Von Ravensburg and Ken Tussing - for not meeting the dress/appearance code in Singapore at that time. They considered our hair to be too long (it touched our collars). They assigned a person to "cut our hair" which we would not agree to. RC supported us and said he wouldn't play the show without his whole band. After several hours in the airport - maybe even 8 or 10 - the lady assigned to us agreed that if she could cut just a snippet (1/4") from each of us, they would let us go. So that's what happened. We got to the hotel just in time to get ready for the show, which did go on as scheduled. But the bottom line - RC was prepared to not do the show on our behalf."
That same day Ray Charles, against all his habits, didn't appear at a press conference (cf. this newspaper article).
Evans: "I went back on the band in 1977 to do the Far East tour which again included Singapore. I made sure to get my hair trimmed before I got there - I think in Bangkok - so it wouldn't be an issue again. When I got to Singapore I found that they had relaxed or eliminated that dress code anyway."

30 or 31 October 1975
Hilton Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

1 and 2 November 1975
Concerts in Tokyo (recorded, released as Live In Japan in July 1976).
Ad  (by theater or booking agent?).
Odd: an ad for the first show in the tour brochure.

5 November 1975

6 November 1975

7 November 1975

8 November 1975

10 November 1975

11 November 1975

12 November 1975

14 November 1975

15 November 1975
On Cher. See this.
Ray Charles and The Raelettes at Cher show. (c) Corbis.

17 November 1975

18 November 1975

19 November 1975

20 November 1975

21 November 1975

23 November 1975

24 November 1975

Week of 24 November 1975
According to legend, the album Live In Japan was cut in Tokyo and Yokohama, in Late November. An article in the Los Angeles Sentinel of Nov. 20 confirms November 24th as the recording date, but this is conflicting with a publication of tour dates in The Milwaukee Star of 13 November 1975, which lists the Tokyo concerts in early November, and the Yokohama concert on the 30th.

27 November 1975

29 November 1975
O-Club in Yokota.
30 November 1975

1? December 1975
Concert at Camp Bruckner, Okinawa.       

2 December 1975

6 and 7 December 1975
 Teatro Degollado, Mexico City; see this.

31 December 1975
Party at Harold Patton's house (Ray’s stage manager, later amassing the largest collection of African-American literature in the country) at Studio City. Read this. 

In or around 1975
Interviewed about music. See this.

Interesting interview with Leroy Cooper, in Melody Maker, May 10, 1975 - also about a 'Hogg' album that didn't happen.
Ad for Detroit jazz radio station WJZZ, in Ann Arbor Sun.

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