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03 August 2010

Ray Charles On A Touch Of Gold (1976)

Singer Teddy Neeley, at one time of Jesus Christ Superstar fame, has been seeding all over the web that in 1976 he was a "guest with Ray Charles", on A Touch Of Gold, a variety show aired by NBC.
The only things I could find about this format are that this "music show features million-selling songs and interviews", and that in 1974 a show was hosted by Mac Davis. Who knows more?
On 9 February 1977 Charles sued the producers (Sam Riddle and Kip Walton) for more than $500,000 in breach of contract damages. Ray said the defendants, who assured him of a $5,000 fee, were expecting to pay him for profits out of the sale of the show, but ended up with less than they had anticipated, and never met the obligation. Source: Star News, February 10, 1977).

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