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04 August 2010

Ray Charles Lends Ear & Voice To H.E.A.R. (1990, 1991, ?2001)

H.E.A.R. - a foundation promoting Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers - got started in l988 when rock and roll musician Kathy Peck joined forces with physican Flash Gordon [sic!], M.D.

In 1990 they launched the educational video Can't Hear You Knocking ("CHYK"), co-produced with Flynner Films of Stockholm (and co-sponsored by the Swedish Board of Health and the Swedish Musicians Union Fund).
The film featured Pete Townsend, Ray Charles, Lars Ulrich of Metalica, Huey Lewis, Ted Nugent, Mickey Hart, hearing health professionals and dedicated H.E.A.R. volunteers.
It received airplay on European and Canadian PBS television. CHYK was distributed to schools and community organizations in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. H.E.A.R. distributes a school talk 17 minute version of CHYK. The 55 minute broadcast version is distributed by The Cinema Guild Films and Videos on Disability Issues.

Can't Hear You Knocking video trailer (without Ray):

Pete Townsend sequence:

In 1991 H.E.A.R. launched a national Public Service Announcement Campaign. H.E.A.R. video and audio PSA's appeared on tv (inc. MTV, VH-1 and Fox), and on numerous college and public radio stations.
The artists/spokespersons were: Lars Ulrich of Metallica, Ray Charles, Todd Rundgren, Pete Townshend, Meatloaf, Ted Nugent, Robby Kreiger, Adrian Below, Nathan Cavaleri, Michael Patton and Roddy Bottum, Primus, Elliot Easton, Spinal Tap, Sonic Youth, DEVO, Stephen Stills, rappers "415", and Bay Ocean Mob. In later campaigns artists like Missy Elliott, Chuck D, Green Day, George Clinton, Perry Farrell and Herbie Hancock participated. These PSAs were also distributed to schools.

Below is a radio PSA with Ray Charles, dated 2001 (but it may well be older):
 H.E.A.R. - - Ray Charles .mp3
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