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03 March 2010

Live In Madrid (1975)

  1. Project S (Ray Charles Orchestra)
  2. I Remember Clifford (Ray Charles Orchestra) - solo: Phil Guilbeau - tp
  3. Captain Perfect (Ray Charles Orchestra) - solos: Phil Guilbeau -tp; Ed Pratt - as 
  4. High On The Hogg (Ray Charles Orchestra) - solo: Leroy Cooper - bs Ernest Vantrease'- kbs
  5. Samba De Elencia (Ray Charles Orchestra) 
  6. Kid From Red Bank (Ray Charles Orchestra) - solo: Ernest Vantrease - kbs
  7. Intermission outro
  8. Intro Ray Charles 
  9. The Bright Lights And You 
  10. Georgia On My Mind
  11. Till There Was You 
  12. Feel So Bad 
  13. Alexander's Ragtime Band
  14. Love Train (ft Dorothy Berry)
  15. I Can't Stop Loving You
  16. Rock Steady (ft Estella Yarbrough)
  17. Everything's All Right
  18. In The Evening/Stormy Monday
  19. I’m Gonna Keep On Singin’ [Improv] + What'd I Say
  20. [Outro] 
This was the last show of the 1975 Spain tour, on 13 May, at the Teatro Monumental in Madrid. It was originally broadcast by TVE, and re-broadcast on 13 May 2006 by the TVE 50 Years Channel. The first 30 minutes were for the instrumentals of the Orchestra, without Ray. Both the orchestra and Ray were in excellent shape this night. It's best to see the entire concert (which is available through some torrents), but attractive fragments can be watched through YouTube and some other sources (see below).

Musicians: Jeff Conrad, Bob Coassin, Phil Guilbeau, Jack Evans - trumpets*; Wally Huff, Ken Tussing, Glen (Champ) Childress, Steve Davis - trombones; Andy Ennis, Clifford Solomon, Ed Pratt, James Clay - saxophones; Leroy Cooper - baritone saxophone, band leader; John Bryant - drums; Joe Harris - bass; Tony Matthews - guitar; Ernest Vantrease - keyboards. The Raelettes: Linda Sims, Dorothy Berry, Bernice Hullaby, Estella Yarbrough.

* Johnny Coles, who had been part of the European tour (cf. the Brussels concert on April 27), missed the Madrid gig because of an eye injury.

Complete show (instrumentals in other order): here.

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