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07 March 2010

CMT Crossroads - Travis Tritt & Ray Charles (2002)

On 10 September 2002 CMT paired up Travis Tritt with "doctor" Ray Charles for an episode of CMT Crossroads, first aired on 6 December of that year. Tritt took care of most of the vocal duties, where Charles accompanied him on keyboards and occasionally rendered a verse. In the rehearsal footage, Charles was  especially lively, jumping off his bench when the band hit the right chord. Charles also talked about his childhood fascination for the Grand Ole Opry. It was an excellent concert.

The (near-?)complete show:

The song list:
  1. I'm Movin' On (duet)
  2. Doesn't Anybody Hurt Anymore (duet)
  3. Between An Old Memory And Me (duet)
  4. Georgia On My Mind (Travis)
  5. 3/4 Time (Ray)
  6. Leave My Girl Alone (duet)
The original setlist was:
  • Hit The Road Jack (band)
  • What'd I Say (Travis)
  • A Great Day To Be Alive (Travis)
  • # 1
  • # 3
  • # 6
  • # 4
  • # 2
  • # 5
  • Country Ain't Country (Travis)
  • Can't Tell Me Nothin' (Travis)
  • T-R-O-U-B-L-E (Travis)
#6 is a duet on the Buddy Guy blues Leave My Girl Alone (Chess, 1965). Ray played electric piano, and ad-libbed some verses. Tritt performed this blues on other occasions as well (cf. this), but the song is best known as one of the signature songs of Stevie Ray Vaughan (cf. this). For a very good Buddy Guy version go here.

Ray Charles (ep, vo); Travis Tritt (g, vo); Aubrey Haynie (vln); John Jarvis (o); Dan Dugmore (pedal steel g); Brent Mason, Reggie Young (g); Mac (Lyman Corbitt) McAnally, Jr. (ac-g); Glenn Worf (b); Greg Morrow (d); Bob Bailey, Vicki Hampton (vo).

I'm Movin' On:

3/4 Time (as part of CMT trailer, starting at 3:11):

3/4 Time, with entertaining footage from rehearsals (thnx to Irene Terrani):
Between An Old Memory And Me (with Travis Tritt): watch clip here.

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