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30 March 2010

Ray Charles In: Of Black America: Body And Soul (1968)

In Part 2 of the educational documentary Of Black America: Body And Soul, Ray Charles is the narrator, discussing black music. The documentary first aired on July 30, 1968 (the cover photo above is from much later date). The story is illustrated with archive performances by Mahalia Jackson, Billie Holiday, Aretha Franklin, Count Basie and Duke Ellington.
Ray recalled details of his early life and experiences, and stated that because of the isolation, misery, and humiliation suffered by American blacks, they developed much of their own music and dance forms.
Part 1, presented by Harry Reasoner, was focused on the differences between black and white athletes. Black excellence in athletcs may be due to a difference in bone and muscle structure. White athletes are better at long distances. This episode included interviews with athletes Mack Robinson, Jimmy Hines, Charlie Greene and Harry Edwards.
Body And Soul also had some modest circulation in alternative (African American) film houses.

'68 DM Body (fragment of Part 2): 

'68 DM Body (full episode):
Interview in the Toledo Blade, 30 July 1968.

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