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14 March 2010

Interview with Ray Charles: What's It All About? (1979)

This US promo-only interview 7", produced by Presbyterian Church public service broadcasting (Interview, MA1641) for their exclusive use, featured an interview with Ray hosted by Bill Huie, with extracts of some of his hit recordings. It was broadcast in July 1979.

This must be related to 2 enigmatic entries in a Ray Charles discography. It concerns a series of What's It All About (single) record releases, of which I found more proof in this article.
W.I.A.A. 478 - What's It All About - 1979 (Public Service Show From July 1979 - Flip By Kenny Rogers)
W.I.A.A. 630 - What's It All About - 1982 (Public Service Show From June 1982 - Flip By Little Richard) 

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