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16 March 2010

Steve Turre, In The Spur Of The Moment (1999)

The first  3  4 tracks of the Steve Turre album In The Spur Of The Moment are with Ray Charles on piano:
  1. Ray's Collard Greens
  2. Misty
  3. Duke Rays
  4. The Way You Look Tonight
  5. Ellington Medley - Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me, Five O'Clock Drag
  6. Something For John
  7. In The Spur Of The Moment
  8. Sueños De La Habana
  9. Claudia
  10. Descarga Ahora
  11. Back side of cover with differences
    in track list (as compared to
    article text). Telarc CD-93484, 2000.

Listen here to a few of the tracks on Turre's website.
From the album notes: 
The long tradition of using the sliphorn as means of vocalised expression has been preserved by such contemporary players as Ray Anderson and Steve Turre. Here, Turre splits 10 tracks into three stylistic groups - blues, modal and Afro-Cuban - and features a different pianist on each, namely Ray Charles, Stephen Scott and Chucho Valdés. As well as exploiting the full range of the trombone, from sardonic snorting to bluesy ribaldry, Turre blows jazz lines through seashells, a speciality which underlines his appetite for playing it anything but straight on his wind instruments. Read this 'double' interview. Peter Turre remembers that Ray's 4 tunes were recorded in 7 takes: "I believe Misty was the song we did in one take. And steve let Ray count it off. Ray went 'Three.... FO'!!!', and Steve left the FO' on the track as an inside joke/tribute to Ray's years of counting off Georgia in this exact manner." Personnel (data relevant to Ray's session in red bold type) Steve Turre - shells, trombone, maracas; Ray Charles - piano; Stephen Scott - piano; Chucho Valdes - piano; Peter Washington - bass; Buster Williams - bass; Andy Gonzalez - bass; Peter Turre - drums; Jack DeJohnette - drums; Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez - drums, timbales, congas, bongos, campana. Recorded at Avatar Studios, Studios A & C, New York, New York on August 14 and October 8, 1999. Album: Telarc B00004TUOZ, 1999.

Complete album:

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