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07 June 2010

Ray Charles Interviewed In Dallas (1974)

WPA Film Library (ID 508693) has a tape with less than 2 minutes of an interview with Ray Charles, that took place in November 1974:
"[...] at small table covered by yellow cloth in hotel room in Dallas Texas. African-American female television news reporters seated opposite him. MSs black woman situating herself in chair, preparing to ask first question. MS Ray Charles listening, taking sip of orange juice. TLS/MSs Ray Charles and woman seated at table during interview. MS Ray Charles speaking: "I want to let the people feel what I feel. When I'm singing a song I really wrap myself in that song and I become a part of that. I must feel it before I can expect the public who're listening to me to feel it. But the main thing is to try to really become what you are doing." 
Off-screen the reporter asks if his songs reflect a part of his life. "No, but I'll tell you what, that's such a good question b/c that is what when you are able to... what's the word to use... soul, right? If you can really sing a song so that the public believe that this has actually happened to you b/c you have so much realism in your singing & sound that they say, Oh, this poor man or whatever it is you're singing about then this what I think makes soul music."
A timecoded QuickTime file has been made available online: here

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