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10 June 2010

Rona Elliot Interviews Ray Charles (& Joe Cocker) (1986, 1987)

On 11 June 1986 Rona Elliot interviewed Ray Charles for the series NBC News On StageHulu offers the whole 48m17s programme for free - but only in the U.S., "[...] a rare in-depth discussion about a remarkable life in music seen here in its entirety for the first time" Also included is a joint interview with Ray and Joe Cocker, from 1987 (also see here).

Elliot recapped a few minutes from the program for NBC's Today Show - watch it here.

On 30 November 1987 NBC aired a 4m30s item on Joe Cocker and Ray Charles. Synopsis:
"In interview Ray Charles says it was a thrill to be awarded Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award & says Joe Cocker sings with feeling. He adds that Cocker's music is fresh and Cocker's versions of his songs are original. Joe cocker says Ray Charles introduced him to gospel line of blues and adds Charles is a god to him. In 11-87 at Grammy Awards in Los Angeles Charles & singer Dionne Warwick stand together after she presented Charles with lifetime achievement award & audience applauds [see also this]. B&w film of Charles at piano singing Heaven All Day Seen [Sic! Probably refers to Heaven Help Us All, BS]. In clip from video Cocker performs [Unchain My Heart] with musicians & dancers seen. B&w film of Charles singing [Unchain My Heart] with singers, musicians & audience seen." 
'87 DM Elliot:

Source: NBC News Archives, ID 871201.

From an Arte documentary using some of the same footage:

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