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10 June 2010

Ray Charles: He Does It Best Because He Loves It (1991)

NBC News Archives has a 7m21s tape (ID T93060) of a NBC news show item that aired on 15 August 1991, entitled Ray Charles: He Does It Best Because He Loves It.
Bryant Gumbel reported live in New York city from the annual Songwriters Hall Of Fame award event  (Also watch this. BS). Synopsis:
"Singer-songwriter Billy Joel reads a tribute to Ray Charles who stands to receive award from Joel & singer Lou Rawls. In interview, Joel says songwriters thank Charles for doing what he does so well. Charles smiles on stage. [...] Gumbel interviews Charles [who] sits at a piano. Charles says it is nice to receive these awards & kind words, especially while you're alive to enjoy them; says he puts himself into the same mode as an actor might when they get into character; notes he needs to put his emotions into what he does for it to work; notes you become what the song is dictating. Clip from music video to single Song For You with Charles singing at his piano. Charles says in VO that you want the song to come across to the individual who is listening & have it affect them personally. Charles says melody is vital, jokes he is the destroyer of melodies; notes he can twist melodies around to fit his emotions, says the only songs he has no business doing are songs that he doesn't like, says he won't attempt a song he doesn't like, says he likes the song Still Crazy After All These Years by Paul Simon that he also performs on his new album, notes it includes great lyrics & has a soulful feeling. [...] Charles sings a part of Still Crazy for Gumbel. Clips from b&w Diet Pepsi television commercials with Charles; backup singers & a band seen; as in VO Charles says he did them well because he enjoys what he does. Charles says he isn't supposed to do anything he is bad at & notes he does the things he really enjoys. [...]"

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