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08 April 2010

Ray Charles Ft. In Flip (1971, 1972, 1973)

Flip was a variety tv show hosted by Flip Wilson, with skits, music and frequent appearances by "Geraldine Wilson" (i.e. Flip Wilson in drag). Ray featured in three shows, year 1 #22, year 2 #16, and year 3 #17:
  • 25 February 1971 - the other guests were Don Rickles, and Leslie Uggams. It's feasible that the first clip below, with  I Can't Stop Loving You; Your Cheating Heart; and Hey, Good Looking came from this episode. 
  • 6 January 1972 - the other guest was Dan Blocker. Ray performed Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma and Feel So Bad.
  • 1 February 1973 - the other guests were Phyllis Diller and The Committee: "Loan officer Phyllis Diller encounters applicant Flip; the Committee performs in a sketch about an overeager theatrical director; the host joins Ray Charles for a vocal, Sentimental Reasons, and Ray Charles sings If You Wouldn't Be My Lady and [Ring Of] Fire". I haven't found a trace of Sentimental ReasonsRing Of Fire is known from Ray's 1970 album Love Country Style. Also see this.
So far, I haven't found a trace of the first show. There are several DVD compilations on the market. This 5-DVD pack looks the most complete (ASIN: B001ISUVUM).

One of Wilson's most famous sketches was about Columbus' discovery of America (listen to clip below). Trying to convince Queen Isabella that she should cough up for the trip west, Columbus tells her that without America, there would be no Ray Charles. That sends her into a swivet. "Ray Charles?" she screeched. "You gonna find Ray Charles? He in America?" "Damn right," said Chris. After writing him out a traveler's check so that he can buy the Pinta, the Niña and the Santa Maria at the Army & Navy Store, a zonked-out Isabel announces to the crowd at the dock: "Chris goin' to America on that boat. Chris goin' to find Ray Charles."

'71? TV Flip - Medley (I Can't Stop Loving You; Your Cheating Heart; Hey, Good Looking), with Geraldine/Flip Wilson:

'72 TV Flip - big part of episode, with Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma at 16'38":
    [currently not on YouTube]
'73 TV Flip - Ring Of Fire:

'73 TV Flip - If You Wouldn't Be My Lady:
73 TV Flip - A few cross talks and some notes (of Play A Simple Melody, Doodle-de-do, and If You Wouldn't Be My Lady) in this clip:
The whole show:

Flip Wilson's "Chris Columbus" routine (1967):

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