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12 April 2010

Ray Charles Ft. In The John Larroquette Show (1996)

Ray's Braille script (from Ebay).

The John Larroquette Show started out as a daring dark sitcom and a hit. Set in a St. Louis long distance bus terminal, with a recovering alcoholic protagonist adrift in a sea of losers, hookers, and street people, black and white, gay and straight. In the second and third season NBC carefully removed each and every element that had made the show interesting, making nonsense of a premise and bland stereotypes of its hard-edged/bizarre characters, then canceled the show abruptly once everyone had deserted its ridiculously bland fourth season.

Exactly in this season Ray featured in the fourth episode, The Blues Traveller, airing on 9 October. The recap indeed sounds bland: "Ray Charles has agreed to perform at Catherine's bar, and John must pick him up at the airport. Meanwhile, after Carly breaks up with him, John's denial is so deep he thinks his therapist is interested in him romantically instead of professionally."

Who knows more about Ray's part in this episode?

The show's opening titles & theme:

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