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13 April 2010

Ray Charles Accepting The EMMA Lifetime Achievement Award 2002

The Ethnic Multicultural Media Academy was established in 1997 to celebrate diversity and multiculturalism within the UK. This has been achieved through various awareness campaigns that challenge ignorance, extremism, and racism in all their forms.
In their rationale for Ray's award they wrote: "There’s never been a better time to be a black artist than today. In celebrating the current achievements of the black music industry, let us not forget the brilliant and dedicated artists who got it all started, Ray Charles is one of them.
The event (it was the 5th annual edition) took place at London's Grosvenor House Hotel, and was hosted by Sanjeey Bhaskar and Angela Griffin. The BBC Archive has the full reel.
Speaking of the EMMAS and his Lifetime Achievement Award in 2002, Ray Charles said, "To be honored by your own countrymen is one thing, but to be recognized elsewhere in the world is a terrific honor and to follow in the footsteps of Muhammad Ali and Nelson Mandela makes the award even more special."

   [Video clip was removed from YouTube]

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