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13 April 2010

Ray Charles Ft. In Der Musikladen (1981)

Der Musikladen (the music shop) was a German music television programme that ran from December 13, 1972 to November 29, 1984. All shows were produced by Radio Bremen and directed by Michael Leckebusch. Musikladen usually featured several live performances, and ran around 45 minutes. In the 1980s, music videos were shown along with live performances. Manfred Sexauer handled the hosting duties.
Ray performed in one show, on 19 November 1981 (not also in '84, as some sources claim; also see the Eleanor Rigby clip below). The second clip below was released on the DVD The Singer And The Song, a compilation of German television appearances by some of the world's best pop singers (DTS DVD6056X), and on #3 of the 10-DVD set The Story Of Musikladen 1981-1984 (ARD Video ‎4031778020132, 2010).

To add to the confusion, Eleanor Rigby isn't a part of this seemingly complete copy of the 1981 show:

'81 TV Musikladen - Your Cheating Heart:

Eleanor Rigby was surely taped, but probably not broadcast, in '81. It seems to have been canned, and then aired for the first time on November 29, 1984 - as an "oldie":

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