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11 April 2010

Ray Charles Ft. In Who's The Boss (1987)

Ray featured in season 3 of the sitcom Who's The Boss. In episode 16, titled Hit the Road, Chad (first aired on Tuesday February 3, 1987). "Samantha's boyfriend Chad writes a song just for her. Word gets around, and the tune is heard by legend Ray Charles whom Angela coerces into recording it for her ad agency. When Chad starts seeing another girl, Samantha is so infuriated she demands the recording not to take place and refuses to speak to Angela unless she dumps the song. It takes a stellar performance of the song by Ray to make Samantha see that her friendship with Angela is more important than getting back at Chad."

The name of the original song performed by Ray Charles was Always A Friend, written exclusively for this episode by Dennis Scott. Ray also performed Hallelujah I Love Her So with the sitcom's cast.

The documentary described here has some footage of Ray, shot at the set of Who's The Boss.

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