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10 April 2010

Ray Charles In The Second Barry Manilow Special (1978)

In the Second Barry Manilow Special from 1978 the "casually-dressed" (not really!) star performs solo in an empty theater, addressing the home audience right through the camera and telling engaging tales about his life and love of music. The show, directed by George Schaefer, first aired on 24 February on ABC-TV.
Highlights included an opening bit in which Manilow’s mother bends the ear of a cab driver by bragging about her boy; a jaunty "Daybreak" that includes kids and seniors singing along; a duet with Ray Charles on It’s A Miracle, and a scene in which Manilow plays a shy, single guy meeting a lonely girl at a wedding reception. Ray also sings One Of These Days.

DVD: Barry Manilow - The First Television Specials, Rhino, 6 November 2007, ASIN: B000VWQDVC.

One Of These Days (with Brasilian v.o.):

It's A Miracle (with Barry Manilow):
   [Clip removed from YouTube]

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