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09 April 2010

Ray "Solemn" Charles, An Odd Satire

"We've all heard the beautiful "Songs of Solomon" in the Holy Bible. And we all know that King Solomon was blind and that Ray Charles was blind. But we never put two and two together until this polychromatic woodcut was discovered in 2004 under Ray Charles deathbed. In the brief time since then, scientists have unlocked the puzzle of why King Solomon was also referred to as King Charles many times in both the Old and the New Testament. And how did they unlock such a seemingly far-fetched puzzle? With the help of Motown Supercomputers. You guessed it. The digital syntax of every single one of Ray Charles' songs matches perfectly with the meter and dipthongage of "The Songs of Solomon." Of course it it is also interesting that Ray "Solemn" Charles actual last name is Robinson..which when translated into Yiddish sounds exactly like Rabbi's Son. Of course, King Solomon was indeed a Rabbi's Son. Additionally it has been reported by less-than-reliable sources that it was the biggest Rabbi's Son of all who stashed the priceless woodcut under Ray's Beverly Hills bed...the Pope. Case closed."

Source here.

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