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19 April 2010

Ray Charles As G-Clef In Blue's Clues: Blue's Big Musical Movie (2000)

Blue's Clues: Blue's Big Musical Movie,
directed by Todd Kessler. DVD: Paramount, 
3 October 2000, ASIN: B00004WI5C.
Steve stumbles onto a keyboard inhabited by a note called G-Clef (the unmistakable voice of Ray Charles), who gives a tour of how to make a song. First you pick the notes, then you work on rhythm, then comes tempo, and, last but not least, "you've got to give it soul." There It Is!

The tracks Notes, Rhythm, Tempo, and There It Is (#9, 10, 11 and 13) were performed by The Persuasions and Ray Charles. Possibly, not all these tunes were used in the film. Some or all of the tunes used in the film have an alternative a/o longer version on the audio CD.
Anyhow, each song represents a basic element of music, but the 'fifth element', or 'soul' as Ray sings it, is what music is really about.
  1. Today's The Big Day
  2. At The Show
  3. The Breakfast Song
  4. The Clipboard Shuffle
  5. Sidetable's Lament
  6. Blue's Clues Theme Song
  7. Silly Hat
  8. Putting It Together
  9. Notes
  10. Rhythm
  11. Tempo
  12. Dynamics
  13. There It Is!
  14. As Smart As You
  15. Sing!
  16. The Magic Of Theater
  17. I Can Be Anything That I Want To Be
  18. So Long Song 
DVD: Blues Clues: Blue's Big Musical Movie, Paramount, 3 October 2000.
CD + Book: Rhino/WEA, ASIN B00004YR2I, 17 October 2000.
I've also seen VHS and Playstation versions.

The complete sound files are here:

Also read this excellent article by ex-Raelette Renee Georges.

There It Is:
Ray's character, G-Clef, also has a speaking role:

One of The Persuasions looking back on working with Ray:

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