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12 April 2010

Ray Charles On The Bob Hope Show (1968, 1969)

Ray Charles appeared two times in The Bob Hope Show. First, on 7 November 1968, taped at Nasa Center (singing The Sun Died), in the 3d show of the 19th season; then, on 19 March 1969, in the 8th show of that same season. The other guests in that show were Nancy Sinatra, Jimmy Durante, and Cyd Charisse.
The March 19, 1969 gig was recycled in Bob Hope - 25 Years In Television. In Holland the star studded show was broadcast in two parts. Ray was  part of the cast in the second part, together with a.o. Nathalie Wood, Petula Clark, Ann-Margaret, Steve McQueen, David Niven, Elke Sommer, Raquel Welch, Sammy Davis Jr., Tony Bennett, and Aretha Franklin. In the BBC Archive Ray's contribution is described - including question mark - as: "Ray Charles sings & plays piano You Girl (?) (49.21-50.23)". This is an allusion to The Bright Lights And You Girl (first released on Ray's 1968 album A Portrait Of Ray). A little cross talk - with some abundantly weak jokes, and rather bad acting by Ray - was part of the original performance (I don't know if this footage made it to the 25 Years selection).
Of this show I found a source tape in the BBC Archive, coming from a first UK broadcast on 17 March 1976.

There's also Ray Charles footage (the same?) on the collectors' DVD Bob Hope - The Ultimate Collection (Respond 2, 6 November 2007, ASIN: B000UFIYQC).

'69 TV Hope - The Bright Lights And You Girl:

The whole '69 show:

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