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15 April 2010

Ray Charles Inducted In Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame (1986)

The first group of inductees in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, on 23 January 1986, included Little Richard, Elvis Presley, Fats Domino, Ray Charles, Chuck Berry, Sam Cooke, The Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly, and Jerry Lee Lewis. Since then every year a handful of artists has been inducted into the Hall of Fame in an annual induction ceremony, historically held at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City (nowadays every second year also at the Hall Of Fame's home base, in Cleveland). Watch this photo, with the whole group on stage.
Chuck Berry and Ray Charles. 
Photo: Corbis.
In '86 a New York TV channel, U68, was present with a camera team. They've submitted some of the raw footage of the press event to YouTube. Bill Roller - interviews; John Elkowitz - camera; Ed Kaz - audio.
Also see this. And thisMore photos here.

Ray was inducted by Quincy Jones and Ahmet Ertegun. The ceremony was part of the 5th disk - titled Whole Lotta Shakin' - of the 9-DVD boxset Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum Live (Time Life, 2 November 2010, ASIN: B002W5HBGM).

Clipping from Jet, 10 February 1986.
NBC News Archives (ID 860225) has a tape entitled Investigative reporter Ross uncovers mafia's control in recording industry, from a news program that aired on 24/25 February 1986. Synopsis:
"Ross in Burbank says few people in music industry want to talk about mafia control. Van drives through street in Siler City; North Carolina. Hand tunes radio. Disc jockey Jay Mcdaniel drives through Siler City. Cars move down highway. In interview Mcdaniel - who tried to start his own record promotion business - says he found out that he could have his face rearranged if he started his own record business. Exteriors of appartment houses in New York City seen. Gambino mafia member Joseph Armone emerges from house and enters limo. In Miami satellite dish for radio station WIMZ seen. DJ Don Cox broadcasts; pushes sound levers; and places tape cartridge into machine. Cox pushes controls. Sound monitor seen. In interview Cox says independent promoters will do anything to have him play certain records and adds people have offered him cocaine; women; and money. Cox staff picks record. Record spins on turntable. In 1-86 at Waldorf-Astoria in NYC rock group performs at black tie music dinner. Model Christie Brinkley holds picture of newborn daughter. Photographers snap pix. Singer Fats Domino speaks to Ray Charles [cf. this]. Mafia leaders Joseph Isbro and Fred Desipio walk through banquet hall. Desipio's associate mike stands by. Exteriors of Waldorf hotel at night seen. Armone, Isbro and Desipio converse outside hotel. [...]"

CNN coverage of the event:

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