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18 April 2010

Henri Salvador & Ray Charles At Victoires De La Musique (1996)

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Henri Salvador was born in Cayenne, French Guyana. When he was 7, Henri and his parents went to live in France. At 11, he discovered jazz music, and decided to become a musician. In 1933, aged 16, he began to perform in the Parisian cabarets, where he became known very quickly as a musician and a comedian. In 1946 he started his own orchestra. In 1956 he came on twice at the Ed Sullivan Show.
On his return to France, he met writer Boris Vian, with whom he was to compose more than 400 songs. The hallmark of the duo's repertoire is a certain acid wit. With Vian, Henri Salvador (under the pseudonym of Henri Cording) wrote blues numbers (Le Blues Du Dentiste; in 1960 charted by Quincy Jones), rock songs (Rock And Roll Mops) and French Caribbean biguines (Faut Rigoler). In 1996, aged 79 years, he was awarded a Victoires d'Honneur award at the annual Victoires de la Musique (the French Grammys) event. He was treated on a duet with Ray Charles.
The Genius also performed a perfect version of Say No More, with the show's orchestra. On February 12 France 2 aired part of rehearsal for this song (INA ID CAB06054288).

Le Blues Du Dentiste (with Henri Salvador; partial - the performance was 3'41"):

I found a better copy plus some contextual footage from a newscast by France 2, dated 13 February 1996, narrated by Georges Begou. The event took place at the Palais des Congrès on that same date.

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Full audio version here:
 Ray CHARLES/Henri SALVADOR - Le blues du dentiste .mp3
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