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24 April 2010

Ray Charles Interviewed In Aretha Franklin: The Queen of Soul (1988)

French VHS release (Fox Lorber, VCF 180117, 1989).
Aretha Franklin: The Queen of Soul was a PBS documentary in their American Masters series, first broadcast on 22 August 1988. The film focused on Aretha's musical development, "tracing her progress from her early strengths as a Detroit gospel singer to the wide stylistic and emotional range she comes to command". The quality of Aretha's singing is demonstrated in clips from film and television appearances, as well as original footage of one of her recording sessions. Interviews with the people who contributed to her musical career illuminate the stages of her artistic growth. An interview with Aretha herself, the first woman to enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, reveals her own perspective on her past. Look here for full description.

Preview (Ray's testimonial just visible at the end):

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