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26 July 2010

Ray Charles Interviewed For Australian TV (1989)

On 15 October 1989 an Australian TV station aired a 14m38s interview titled Ray Charles. Reporter was Jeff McMullen. According to the program's documentation, "They call him a genius, but Ray Charles prefers to think of himself simply as a musician who does a lot of things well. That aside, his talent is unique; his music, unmistakable - the kind that demands to be heard, generation after generation. Ray has just turned 59 and he invited Jeff McMullen to his birthday party in Los Angeles. He tells McMullen about the man who was the greatest influence on his career - not someone famous like Duke Ellington, but a boogie-playing neighbor from his early childhood. Ray also describes vividly the last thing he remembers seeing before glaucoma claimed his sight - the day his brother drowned. As Ray says, 'Everything was pretty much downhill from there'."

  • Ray Charles performing
  • Ray backstage
  • Ray disembarking plane
  • At home relaxing
  • Having a shave
  • In recording studio
  • On the set of TV series Who's The Boss [cf. this]
  • At his 59th birthday celebration with deaf actress Marlee Matlin
  • Stills of Ray performing.
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