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25 July 2010

Ray Charles Interviewed & On Stage (2003)

Australian tv station Channel 9 had archived a clip (ID CNINE20030122001; source here). It shows:
Ray Charles b[r]ought out by man in tuxedo, Ray slapping thigh in time to music looking elated, Ray standing in front to stage, slapping thighs and knocking knees, arms out stretched and hugs himself, motions to band to stop and start tune, Ray sits down in front of piano and adjusts microphone, Ray starts singing and playing piano, Ray adjusts microphone again, zoom in CU Ray singing, Ray IV in room in front of piano, WS Ray on stage again playing piano, zoom in Ray at piano, CU ray singing into microphone, pan over to jazz band standing playing saxaphones and trumpets, pan back over to Ray and bass player and zoom out, zoom in on Ray, Ray IV in room, CU Ray on stage singing at piano, Ray finishes song and pans out to WS of stage, Ray IV in room, BW Ray Charles video clip, Ray IV in room, colour Ray Charles video clip, Ray IV in room, BW Ray Charles video clip.
This footage may be related to Ray's last concert in Australia.

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