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07 April 2010

Ray Charles Exclusif (1978)

Marie-France Brière and Ray Charles.
In this 60-minute French variety show, aired by France 2, on 13 November 1978, Ray Charles guested with a.o. Jean Claude Dauphin, Bernard Le Coq, Michel Polnareff, Georges Moustaki, Dolly Parton, Bob Marley (both in filmed items), Claude Dubois, Alain Dubar, Jairo, Guillermo Vilas, Françoise Hardy, Joe Dassin, Jean Louis Cap, and Continent Number Six.
My video copy still had the overall-credits of the program. The show's title was Exclusif, an episode of the Lundi Variété series. The program was directed by Jean-Louis Cap and Marie-France Brière.

Source materials: Ina, ID CPB78052210. The Ina record mentions the first 5 tunes (Feel So Bad, was announced as the second tune in a contemporary TV guide, but if it was taped, it was never broadcast).

Dauphin interviewed Ray Charles, who - between the songs - gave his opinion on French music, saying that he felt it as an obligation to put an interest in it after growing so close to the French audience in the past two decades. He performed, live in the studio, two of his personal all-time favorites, plus three of the (originally French language) "euroballads", which he frequently performed at French concerts, and one very nice surprise:
  1. She Knows
  2. The Sun Died
  3. If You Go Away
  4. For Mamma
  5. We Had It All
A terrific rendition of We Had It All (#6) came as a total surprise when I first watched a 17-minute video with (only) Ray Charles' contribution to the show. So far, I only knew this song from from the 1978 album Love And Peace.
The versions of The Sun Died and For Mamma were very concise (but beautifully performed) audio-illustrations of Ray's genuine interest in French chansons.

The Genius performed all songs solo, only accompanying himself on the piano. The intimate, darkish, studio setting, the strong close-ups, and the excellent sound recording made it a memorable mini-solo-concert.

If You Go Away:

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  1. L"emission de variete se denommait "Lundi Variete" et a ete diffusee,comme tu le signales par l' A2 a 20h32 le lundi 13/11/1978 et a cette epoque je n'avais pas de magnetoscope.JPV (cf )