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20 May 2010

Ray Charles Ft. In Pioneer Commercial (1984)

The Pioneer advertising account was handled by Altschiller Reitzfeld Solin. The ads ran from September 1984. In the television spots prepared especially for MTV, Charles talked about the importance of sound joined with sight. Each of the three print ads showed a product shot accompanied by a statement from Charles.
According to the agency, Charles was a natural choice since the quality of sound with laser discs, when compared with that of video cassette recorders, was extremely high. "The singer's presence adds credibility to the audio claims."

1984, Pioneer commercial:
The same commercial was re-used in the demos on this utterly geeky promotion reel:
And this is the complete demo:

Promotional laser disc (P.O.S.?):
Print ad from same campaign; the photos were made by Norman Seeff:

Ad from 1986.

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