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08 May 2010

Ray Charles Live In Belgrade (1996)

According to IMDB: "A spectacular concert by the American performer Ray Charles, takes the viewers through a string of his greatest hits, which at that moment spanned a 30 year long career. [...] Ray Charles was accompanied by a local big band which had only three days to prepare for the more than two-hour concert." Directed by Stanko Crnobrnja, broadcast on 12 March 1997 by Televizija Beograd.
The audio bootleg of this concert dates the concert at 22 October 1996, and specifies the venue as the Sava Centar.
I wonder if there is any (promotional?) connection between this program and a 7-inch 45-rpm EP archived at the Library of Congress, Ray Charles Greatest Hits, Radio-Televizija Beograd EP 47001 Pa, with Sticks And Stones, Georgia On My Mind, I Can't Stop Loving You, and Unchain My Heart.

For more on Ray and Belgrade, read this blog.

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