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05 May 2010

Ray Charles Singing In Front Of The Georgia State Legislatur (1979)

On April 24, 1979, Georgia On My Mind was designated Georgia's official state song. It was performed on March 7, 1979, before the Georgia legislature by Ray Charles. Also read this.

The footage below is embedded in a Charlie Rose panel discussion, entitled An Appreciation Of Ray Charles, from  14 June 2004. In the panel: Marcus Roberts, Christopher John Farley, Phil Ramone, Anthony DeCurtis.

The event was also covered, twice, by NBC on 7 and 8 March 1979. Source: NBC News Archives, ID N790307, T790308. CBS Evening News covered the event on 7 March; source here. And ABC News Source also archived several tapes (ID NIM000101134, 1135, 1372, 1373, 1374).

Georgia On My Mind:

Since 1995, Georgia Public Television's (GPTV) has run nightly sign-offs set to RC's Georgia On My Mind.

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