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01 April 2010

Ray Charles In Walt Disney World's 15Th Birthday Celebration (1986)

Disney publicity photo collage promoting a broadcast 
on November 9, 1986,
by ABC, in the time slot for The Disney Sunday Movie.
Walt Disney World's 15th Birthday Celebration, directed by Marty Pasetta and Neil Gordon, aired on 11 September 1986 (or November 9? see photo caption).
It was a two-hour variety show celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of Walt Disney World.

The program featured "a potpourri of music, comedy and dance, with a roster of celebrity participants". Dolly Parton did a duet with Minny Mouse on 9 To 5, The Monkees sang I'm A Believer in Adventureland, and The Everly Borthers performed Bye Bye Love.

Ray brought his 'light travel' CD with the orchestra backing music. Looking at the clips with Ray, it becomes obvious that the program had a lot of production value. Ray not only played two different pianos, in the America clip he and his piano also - kind of - went up in smoke.

What'd I Say:

America The Beautiful:
The whole show:

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