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01 April 2010

Ray Charles' Statement In The Statue Of Liberty (1985)

"From creation by French sculptor Auguste Bartholdi through painstaking construction and accident-prone 1886 dedication. Interviews with ordinary Americans reveal the unique place the statue holds in our hearts."
In this PBS production Director Ken Burns presented "the definitive portrait of America's great lady", in a program that was later nominated for an Oscar and an Emmy. The guests were Ray Charles, Milos Forman, James Baldwin and Jerzy Kosinski (source: here).

QT trailer here.

The Ina archive (ID CAB8400869701) has a 2:25 clip where Ray is performing (most probably) America The Beautiful, aired on 4 July 1985, by France 2, as part of their news program.

The show was released on DVD: STAL601. The DVD's extras include Ken Burns: Making History and A Conversation with Ken Burns. Another DVD was released by Paramount as a "PBS Home Video" in 2004 (UPC #097368859241).

This documentary is not to be confused with this program.

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