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11 September 2011

America The Beautiful (2002?)

This is the Ray Charles Marketing Group's gift to people who want to commemorate 9/11. It was uploaded earlier today to their new RMCG account at Vimeo, and is promoted through their official Ray Charles page on Facebook.
The Genius, uncharacteristically, is playbacking. He looks like 72+ here. My best guess is that this clip (where Ray was shot sitting before a green screen) was produced at the time of (maybe as a promotion for) the compilation album Ray Charles Sings For America (cf. this). Who knows more?

Update 15 September 2011: 
The video has already been removed by "RMCG", and their string of 3,000+ likes has been erased from their Facebook page...

I have a hunch that this DVD may be the source of this clip. 

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