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22 October 2014

Our Suite (With The Ray Charles Orchestra)

Original big band chart (for trumpet 1).
Album: Jazz Number II, Tangerine 1512, January 1973.

Recorded at RPM International, in December 1971. Composed by Ray Charles and Roger Neumann; arranged by the latter.

Ray Charles - piano; Frank Szabo (lead), Tomas Cortez, Jack Walrath, Marcus Belgrave - trumpets; Mayo Tiano (lead), Jules Rowell, Glenn Childress, Dana Hughes (bass) - trombones; J. Lloyd Miller (alto, lead), James Clay (alto), David Newman (tenor), Don ??? or Andy Ennis (tenor), Leroy Cooper (baritone) - saxophones; Charles 'Bags' Costello - organ, piano; Ralph Byrd - guitar; Edgar Willis - electric bass; Ernie Elly - drums.

'72 LC San Carlos
'75 LC Brussels
'75 LC LatinCasino
'82 LC Antibes
'92 LC Antibes

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