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22 October 2014

Please (You Got That) (With INXS' Michael Hutchence)

Album3: INXS, Full Moon, Dirty Hearts, EastWest 4509942182 / Atlantic Records, 82541-2, 2 November 1993.
Singles3 (CD, cassette, 7" & 12" vinyl): EastWest 4509944362 / Atlantic DMD 2078, 11 December 1993 - including several mixes: Club Need Mix, Needful Dub Mix, Downtown Dub Mix, Downtown Instrumental Mix (cf. this).

The INXS album was recorded between November '92 to October '93. The Michael Hutchence Memorial site has an interesting audio snippet, where Michael guides Ray in singing a phrase from the song. Listen here.

For the music clip see this; it was produced in New York in October '93. Read this article for much more.


Letterman 1993:

'93 TV Letterman

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