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14 October 2014

Tears Inside (With The Ray Charles Orchestra)

Album: Blues Connotation, Jazz Birdies Of Paradise, J-Bop 052, S.a. (taped on 9 October 1971 in Torino).

The tune was penned by Ornette Coleman.
"Blues Connotation", the title chosen for the (bootleg) CD, and there also quoted as the title for this track, is from another, much better known Coleman composition.

Ray Charles - p; Marcus Belgrave (1st) and Jack Walrath (2nd) fought out the trumpet-part; Edgar Willis possibly picked his longest bass solo ever recorded.

Full line-up: Ray Charles - p; Marcus Belgrave, Thomas Cortez, Frank Szabo, Jack Walrath - trumpets; Glenn Childress, Dana Hughes, Jules Rowell, Mayo Tiana - trombones; James Clay, Jay Cloyd Miller - alto saxophones; Andy Ennis, David Newman - tenor saxophones; Leroy Cooper (baritone saxophone, bandleader); Charles “Bags” Costello - organ, Ben Martin - guitar, Edgar Willis - bass, Ernie Elly - drums.

'70 LC Paris
'71 LC Paris - 2x

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