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10 November 2014

Hard Times (No One Knows Better Than I)

Single (A): Atlantic 2118, September 1961 b/w I Wonder Who.
Compilation: The Genius Sings The Blues, Atlantic 8052, September 1961 (1952 - 1959).

Recorded in Miami on 23 April 1955 with Joe Bridgewater, Riley Webb - tp; David Newman - as, bs; Don Wilkerson - ts; William Peebles - ds; Roosevelt Sheffield - b.

Just as a handful of other tunes from the Genius Sings The Blues album, compiling canned Atlantic tunes from the '50s, this number was longlisted in concert souvenir brochures in 1962 as being part of the live repertoire of the (big) band (though, of course, this could also refer to the instrumental arrangement, as known from the Fathead album). However, unfortunately no live recordings have surfaced.

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