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09 November 2014

High On The Hogg (The Ray Charles Orchestra Ft Leroy "Hog" Cooper)

Watermarked news photo of Leroy Cooper,rehearsing the band in a hotel (photo dated
Feb. 22, 1979).

The tune, a show piece for bari - was written by Billy Baker, although - as one of the band alumni remembers it - "Mr. Charles might have done some dictation" on it.

If it wasn't written with Leroy "Hog" Cooper in mind, the big man certainly claimed it.

The band in Madrid: Jeff Conrad, Bob Coassin, Phil Guilbeau, Jack Evans - trumpets; Wally Huff, Ken Tussing, Glen (Champ) Childress, Steve Davis - trombones; Andy Ennis, Clifford Solomon, Ed Pratt, James Clay - saxophones; Leroy Cooper - baritone saxophone, band leader; John Bryant - drums; Joe Harris - bass; Tony Matthews - guitar; Ernest Vantrease - keyboards.

Madrid 1975 (#4):

'75 LC Madrid
'89 LC Paris
'94 LC ValleyForge
'95 LC Tramps

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